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Memory Lane: Classic Haircare Staples

Black hair care has come a long way in the past few decades. Yes most stores still separate ethnic hair care products from the others, but the black hair care industry is now even more extensive with mom-and-pop brands like Carol’s Daughter and Jane Carter Solutions becoming mainstream. But we can’t forget about the staples that we all grew up on. Here are a few that remind us of childhood.

Lotta Body Setting Lotion


What is it about Lotta Body wrapping lotion that felt so luxurious gracing your mane after a fresh relaxer? Lotta Body Setting Lotion was a major key to getting a perfect wrap.




Smooth ’N Shine Polisher

Another must-have for wraps is the Smooth ’N Shine Polisher. A few small drops pre-heat and you’ll end up with a silky smooth set.





Luster’s Pink Oil Moisturizer

The smell alone evokes so many memories. Bad hair day? Pink Oil Moisturizer. Good hair day? Pink Oil Moisturizer. From moisturizing your scalp to helping set your hair, Pink Oil has multiple uses and we used every single one of them. I have never been to a black household that didn’t have this staple.



Laid baby hairs? A must! Ampro Pro Styl and Eco Styler gels saves lives. But please don’t let the gel cake up your edges.





African Royale Braid Spray

All of us have had a box braid or two in our day so we all know the struggle of patting your weave when braids and twists are fresh.





Hollywood Beauty

When you know better, you do better. Unfortunately, I’m sure many of us didn’t know that Hollywood Beauty’s hair oils and butters were packed with mineral oils, parabens, and other harsh ingredients but it sure felt good sliding down our scalp.




BB Pump it Up! Gold Styling Spritz

For when you want to smell like you just stepped out of a hair salon.





Isoplus Oil Sheen Hair Spray Be honest, how many times have you slipped on your bathroom floor after spraying this?



Are you feeling nostalgic yet? Fortunately, some brands like Lotta Body have reimagined themselves to stay in the game. For the others, you’re going to have to keep a stash tucked away for those days you’re walking down memory lane.


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