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Life Lessons: From Season 1 of Girlfriends

Where would you be without your Girlfriends?

That’s one of the questions many women asked when they heard that Toni, Maya, Lynn, and Joan would no longer grace the screen of their televisions. The hit show Girlfriends highlighted the lives of four gorgeous women played by actresses Tracee Ellis Ross, Golden Brooks, Persia White, and Jill Marie Jones.  The show’s lightheartedness and relatable topics caused their fan base to exponentially soar. Women from all walks of life had experienced similar situations to the ones portrayed, while others took notes in case tragedy struck. For many, Girlfriends wasn’t just another part of pop culture; it was like therapy.

Here’s a little advice extracted from the first season.

Lesson 1: Your Friends Ex’s Are Off Limits, No Matter What They Say.

Toni revealed to Lynn that her date to a party Joan was throwing was Joan’s ex, Charles. Joan had broken up with Charles because of his fear of commitment. Although Lynn was outraged, Toni felt that since Joan left him, she wouldn’t care. Joan got wind of this and gave Toni the green light. Once the party got started Charles revealed that he is buying a house with intentions of building a family and getting married. Of course Joan was taken aback because Charles was once anti-marriage. Joan’s bitterness then came forth, causing an argument. Before Toni left, Joan admitted that she lied about being okay with them dating.  This caused Toni to lose her dream guy (if you know Toni, her dream guy is hard to find)!

Lesson 2: Never Lie To Impress Others.

After experiencing a “dry spell” Joan became irritable and looked to her girls for advice. One of them told her to have a one night stand; that way she gets what she wants with no strings attached. Joan isn’t that kind of girl, in fact, she has a very strict 3-month-rule that prevents her from dabbling the way her friends do. Joan must’ve been on edge because she decided to take the advice and woo Davis, the owner of one of the hottest restaurants in town. After convincing him to leave his establishment to take her home she attempts to get hot and heavy, but before things go all the way, Davis revealed that he is engaged. Joan stopped in her tracks and because she had been drinking, vomited all over Davis’ and herself. Joan washes his clothes and as he was putting them on, a few of her girls walked in. Since they knew she left for a one night stand they automatically assumed that Joan got her a piece. Joan went along with the story and told her girls all about her escapade. You know girlfriends can never keep a secret so the false affair got back to Davis’ potential wife ruining his engagement.

Lesson 3: Men Are Just As Self-Conscious As Women.

After trying her share of internet dating, Joan met a handsome man named Marcus. Marcus didn’t only have the looks, he was successful and treated her like a queen. When she visited his home for the first time she asked to use the bathroom. She took this time to snoop around to gather information about her potential beau. Sticking out from underneath his bed was a girdle which she at first thought belonged to a woman. Marcus soon revealed that he wears the girdle because he has wide hips!

Lesson 4: Not Every Woman Wants the Perfect Man.

Marcus was the perfect man. He would send Joan flowers multiple times per week and tried to make romantic gestures but she slowly got annoyed. The last straw was when Marcus bought her a new cell phone he renamed “The Joan Phone” because it would only be him and her communicating on them. Once he left, she vented to her friends about how Marcus’ extreme romance was becoming a huge issue. She may be annoyed, but I know many women who would kill for a man like Marcus.

I’m sure I brought forth memories of your top Girlfriends moments. It was one of my favorite shows too and I’m relieved that I can now watch it through Android TV. In case the tech Gods didn’t bless your house like they did mine, watch a few seasons on YouTube!

Happy streaming!!


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