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It Can't Be Summer Without...

By Saeeda Ruffin 

Summer has, once again, made its debut, and folks are more than ready to get a hold of those warm-weather vibes. Slow days and long breezy nights are the hallmarks of the most chill season of all. The season when relaxing, hanging out, and letting the good times flow are a mainstay, and having the most fun is an absolute must. There are a few things we look forward to every summer that just make summer what it is, y’all know the vibes! It’s been a minute so here’s a refresher. 

It can’t be summer without.. 

Squad Trips & Festivals 

Y’all already know that summer is the perfect time for road trips with your squad. Yes, you can take a trip anytime but there is something almost magical about rolling with your girls during those slow summer months. When you’re not island hopping or slipping out to the beach you must hit up the best festivals of the season. Can you say, “The Essence Festival?” Sis, The Essence Festival will run from June 30th-July 3rd this year. Don’t forget “The American Black Film Festival” which will be held June 15th- 19th. Events like these make summer lit! 


Cold Treats 

The sun can be so disrespectful in the summertime. From hot to scorching, one thing everyone expects is some serious heat. For many, the best way to cool off is to get your hands on something ice cold! You don’t have to be a kid to have water ice, snow cones, or popsicles as your go-to. These are a summer staple and really, how in the world could anyone get through summer without at least one frozen treat? You can even make your own popsicles in all types of flavors if you like. 

Barbecues and Reunions 

Summer ain’t summer unless you get together with family and friends. Cupid shuffling, electric sliding, and Frankie Beverly swaying barbecues are the hallmark of the season. Grills smoking, great food from the aunties, impromptu spades battles, and family love are absolutes that make life and being Black amazing! 


When it gets too hot, a sista is likely to do one of these three things, get a big chop, get braids, or get a new hairstyle. We’re loving pixie cuts and teeny-weeny afros. Hey, truth be told, hair can make you feel even hotter, and if you’re natural, sweat and humidity will be your biggest nemeses! Once you get your summer hair right, you will feel so much better 

The Jams 

If you don’t have the jams on repeat, then you are missing one of the best parts of the summertime. There are some summer anthems you gotta have in rotation. Put the classics on repeat! "Summertime" by DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince, "Family Reunion" by The O'Jays, or "Summer Madness" by Kool & The Gang are sure to get you summer ready 

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