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Holiday Saver: Gifts Under $20

Hey ladies! Are you on a budget this year and you are not sure on what to buy your loved ones for Christmas this year? Good news! There are great gift options out there that you can buy for under $20 that are not boring. Besides, who says Christmas gifts have to be expensive? What matters is the heart behind them. Check out these holiday saver gifts for under $20 that will make your loved ones extra happy this year:

1.) Customized Mugs

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Got a friend or family member who loves to have their coffee every morning? Getting a customized mug is a great gift under just $20. Make them smile with a cup with their name on it or laugh with a hilarious quote. Either way, that coffee lover will appreciate it.

2.) Giant Knit Blankets

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Giant knit blankets are a big trend this year. Toss away the traditional throw blankets and shock someone with this bad boy. Not only are they highly fashionable, but they are also super cozy for these long winter nights. They might seem expensive but there are places where you can find these blankets on Amazon or Etsy for a cheaper price. 

3.) Adult Coloring Books

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Know someone who is a kid at heart? Getting them a coloring book would make a wonderful gift. Best of all, they are affordable! Not only are these adult coloring books great for creatives, but they are also awesome stress relievers.

4.) A French Coffee Press

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Sometimes a Keurig or a regular coffee machine isn’t going to cut it anymore. A coffee press is a fantastic gift for that coffee lover in your life who loves the process of making their own cup of joe.

5.) Scented Candle Set

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A wonderful way to say “Happy Holidays!” is gifting someone who loves fragrances with their very own candle set. Whether that person is a mom or your best friend, buying candles of their favorite scent is a great way to show someone your appreciation. Plus, it will make their holidays extra special!

Gifts under $20 definitely don’t have to appear cheap. In fact, you can still find excellent gifts for loved ones such as the items on this list. Most importantly, finding meaningful gifts on a budget will help save you a lot of money. Hopefully, these will get your minds churning on what you can gift your family and friends this year. Happy holidays!

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