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Holiday Gift Guide for Moms!

This week we’re wrapping up our gift guides for those last minute shoppers…don’t worry, we’re not done either. Who deserves a Christmas present more than your mother? Probably no one! The best thing about moms is that they’re almost always happy with anything you get them, but why not get them something they’ll love! If you need a few ideas for what to gift your mom with this holiday season, check out a few of our ideas below!

Gift Cards

I’m not sure about your mom, but my mom loves to shop! You can never be wrong with gifting someone with a bit of cash, but sometimes doing it with gift cards is a lot easier. Sometimes one gift card may seem impersonal, but you can add to this by giving her multiple gift cards! If your mom has a few favorite stores that she loves to go to, give her a whole set of gift cards! You can place it in a nice frame, and on Christmas day, take a picture of the both of you just for the frame!

Spa Day

Holiday Gift Guide for Mom

Your mom is probably a hardworking woman, so she’ll definitely need some rest and relaxation to end or start the New Year! A great gift would be sending her to a spa! Your mom has probably done a lot for you, so she deserves to be pampered for a day! If you also need some quality time together, feel free to get the massages and treatments with her! After relaxing and getting pampered, you can take her out to dinner for the meal of her choice!


Holiday Gift Guide for Mom: Perfume

Who doesn’t like to smell good?! One thing you can definitely gift your mom with is a perfume subscription! Scentbird is a company that will definitely come in handy if your mom is searching for her new favorite fragrance. With Scentbird, she can decide exactly which perfume she wants to be sent monthly and it’s only $14.95. With the subscription, she’ll be sent a 30 day supply that she can play around with until she decides if it’s the scent for her.


Holiday Gift Guide for Mom: Purse

Everyone would probably love a designer bag, but most people don’t want to dish out that money for themselves. Buying your mom a purse for the holiday season would be a great gift! She probably thinks her money is better spent than buying herself the gift, so why not show her that no item is too good or out of her reach?

Tickets to a Show

Holiday Gift Guide for Mom: Tickets

Your mom might love going to the theater or seeing shows on Broadway, so this would be the perfect gift for her! If you’re in the tristate area, there are a huge number of shows she would love from The Color Purple to The Lion King to The Phantom of the Opera. This is definitely a splurge-worthy gift because you’ll need two tickets. After all, you can’t send her to the show by herself! You can either give her the extra ticket and she chooses who attends with her, or this could be another opportunity for mother/daughter day!

If you didn’t know what to get your mom for this holiday season, now you know! I’m sure your mom will love any of these gifts, and the thought you put into it will also help!

In the comments below, let us know what you’re thinking of gifting your mom with this year!

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