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Holiday Bucket List: Activities To Get You Into The Spirit

Holiday Bucket List: Activities To Get You Into The Spirit

We all know that the holidays are a “no chill” time. This is the time for fun. It’s also the time for getting lots of things on your holiday bucket list done. It’s that energy that makes the holiday season merry and exciting. You want to be gung-ho about celebrating and enjoying all of the awesomeness that the season brings your way.

Sometimes, however, we get overwhelmed with it all or just get tired of the hustle and bustle. When that happens, you might need to figure out what you can do to get you into the holiday spirit. You won’t want to put a damper on the days leading up to the festivities for you or your family. So, what can you do to get psyched for the season? Well, we’ve created a holiday bucket list just for that! Put the season of celebrations into full gear with these tips:

Countdown To The Big Day

Add a Holiday Countdown app to your holiday bucket list. Countdowns are not just for the New Year. You can use this app for any observance that you have in your life. However, for this time of year, it would be an awesome addition to your daily routine. Just think, you could get cool reminders of what’s to come. That is sure to get you at least a little bit excited.

Give The Gift Of Your Service

Do some volunteer work. Seeing things from other people’s perspectives can really help us to learn to appreciate what we have. There are so many volunteer opportunities to choose from. You could serve meals to the less fortunate or be a part of a toy collection campaign. The holiday season is not just supposed to be about gifts and gift-giving. It is supposed to be about recognizing the good in each other and spreading cheer. By volunteering, you will not only have an enjoyable time, but you will be able to cross “giving to others” off of your holiday bucket list.

Everyone Loves A Parade

Take in a holiday parade! They have them all over the place. Whether you are in a little town or a big city, there will be some sort of wintery themed parade that will put you in the holiday spirit. You might even want to travel to go to one. That will add to the fun of it all! Another option is to BE in a parade. If you belong to a group that will participate in a parade, join in and be a part of the team that makes everyone else happy!

Let The Music Play

Music lovers can expect tons of opportunities to hear holiday themed music. From school recitals to full symphony performances, the winter holiday season offers an abundance of musical entertainment. One of the most famous holiday themed performance is the Nutcracker ballet. You can believe that somewhere on this planet, and most likely in or near your area, some group will perform the Nutcracker. So, go get your tickets!

Catch Some Holiday Tunes

Listen to the season’s most inspirational music. That should be at the top of your holiday bucket list. If you are into the oldies, you will revel in hearing the classic “This Christmas,” as performed by almost every R&B artist out there! The original Donnie Hathaway rendition is the real deal. In fact, for many, it’s not holiday season without it!

Window Shop The Holiday Displays

Go to stores and malls that have amazing holiday displays. From the fancy trees to the brilliant bulbs, these venues are usually the best place to find “eye candy.” Prepare to “Oooh” and “Ahhh” when you see how creative some of these store displays are. Of course, it wouldn’t be the celebration season if you couldn’t cross finding the partridge in a pear tree off of your holiday bucket list, too! Go look for it. It’s sure to be on some store’s tree.

Get Wrapping

Wrap gifts. Who ever said that you had to wait until the night before the holiday to wrap the gifts? You don’t. You can wrap them anytime. So, set some time aside to pull out your scissors, tape, and ribbon and get your wrap on!

Enjoy The Flavors Of The Season

Partake in the sweet drinks of the season. No holiday bucket list would be complete without including drinking classic favorites like hot chocolate or eggnog. Consider doing something different with the drinks, like making them from scratch. The smells and delicious tastes of the season are sure to get you in the holiday spirit.


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