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Here’s Why I’m Still Boycotting The NFL

In the world of football, February is a big month. Football fans across the U.S gather around their TV screens to watch two teams go against each other for the Superbowl championship title. And though the game marks a pivotal fun time for Americans, many fans have come to the conclusion that the NFL is problematic.

During these last several years, the national football league’s been shrouded by controversy.. First, it was the organization’s reluctance towards strengthening their standards towards players who engage in domestic violence. Then, the league refused to improve conditions for their players so they won’t suffer from life-damaging concussions. Now, in light of former San Francisco 49er’s Quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s admirable stance against police brutality and racism, the NFL continues to show their true colors. Honestly, fans are not having it anymore.

The League’s New Policy Regarding the National Anthem Is Appalling

Last year, the NFL adopted a new policy regarding players who refuse to stand for the national anthem. Players who decide to kneel during the anthem would be subjugated to a hefty fine. Officials even go as far to say players can stay in the locker room instead. This new policy comes after President Trump constantly asked for punishment for the players civil disobedience.

What’s wrong about this policy is that this infringes on the players 1st Amendment rights to peaceful protest. What the league refuses to see is that Colin Kaepernick and many other players who choose to kneel do so to bring awareness to systematic oppression and police brutality in the black community. How can this nation claim to be a nation for all, if minorities are treated unjustly especially by those who swore to protect us? Secondly, the policy is straight up punishment to black football players and other minorities. There would be no NFL without these men.

This New Policy Punishes African American Football Players

Another reason why we are boycotting the NFL is that, ultimately, this policy is a punishment towards African American players. Anyone who continues to perpetuate an ongoing cycle of injustice towards black people is not for black people. The policy is set to keep those men quiet. It delivers a message of complacency when the organization knows darn well that their black team members experienced police brutality. With this policy, the NFL chooses to ignore black people.


Thankfully most football fans, like us, are willing to say “enough is enough.” Choosing to boycott the NFL, whether it be by not watching the upcoming Superbowl or canceling cable subscriptions who regularly support the organization, sends a signal to the league that racism will not be tolerated. For as long as that racist policy stands, we can not and will not support NFL.  

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