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Hairstyles Yo Mama Used to Wear

When it comes to hair today, it seems life there are two types of women the world; those who wear weave, and those who are natural–and then there are those versatile ladies who can rock both. But regardless of whether we are wearing our weave or rocking our curls one thing that’s changed for all of us over the years is that we have stepped away from the intricate styles our mama’s used to wear.  From fingerwaves to asymmetrical cuts, our mom’s were the originators of fly hairstyles. Let’s take a walk down memory lane to see how hair styling have changed over the years and rejoice at those making a comeback.


Hairstyles Yo Mama Wore: Fingerwaves

Provided by Hype Hair

This style was poppin’ when your mother was younger, probably during her clubbing days. Finger waves were created by using a heap of gel, a rat-tailed comb and of course; fingers. Most women who rocked these waves had very short hair, unlike the boudoir styles you see today.


Hairstyles Yo Mama Wore: Cornrows

Provided by Beauty Board Hub

Don’t let the media fool you, Kim Kardashian wasn’t the first to rock braids, and she won’t be the last. Cornrows come from ancient African history as a way to keep the hair neat and protected. In the 90’s, a vast array of braided styles were popular including updos and box, or “Poetic Justice (a classic black film released in 1993),” braids. It is refreshing to see this style being embraced once again and now by a versatile group of people.

The Afro

Hairstyles Yo Mama Wore: Afros

Provided by Lipstick Alley

With all of the recent acts of violence against blacks and the protests behind them it’s beginning to feel like the 60’s and 70’s again. Not only that, more men and women are allowing their hair to revert back to its natural texture. Back in the day black hair was considered unkempt and unacceptable when it wasn’t straight and to rebel, people began to wear an Afro. Most people would pick their hair to make it as big as possible unlike most today who prefer defined curls.

The French Roll

Hairstyles Yo Mama Wore: French roll

I don’t know about you but my mama always had her hair a French roll, in fact, I’d often find bobby pins on the bathroom floor. A cross between a bun and a mohawk, this style was popular for both career women and those going to an elegant event. You can still find a few people wearing the French Roll due to its sleek and classic nature.

Unpredictable Updos

Hairstyles Yo Mama Wore: Updo's

Provided by JP Hair

Updo’s will never die but the kind your mama use to wear is probably out of style. Back in the day women use to mold their hair using tons of Pro Style brown gel and Pump It Up spritz. The styles were often stacked high but were as stiff as a board, so it didn’t get messy. If you would’ve looked in on your mother sleeping, you may have found her with her head propped upon a pillow to prolong the style.

Asymmetrical Cuts


When Salt N Pepa hit the music scene it made women all over embrace their beauty. This rap trio was known for their sketchy lyrics and bold style. Other than biker shorts and thick gold chains, these beauties sported asymmetrical haircuts; something totally new for that era. Before you knew it thousands of women clipped onE side of their hair shorter than the other. This style made a comeback in the early 2000’s when Oh So Krispie, a woman that won the musical contest “RU The Girl” hosted by TLC members T-Boz and Chili of TLC, was seen rocking an edgy mohawk.

Which one of these styles did your mama use to wear?


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