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Hair Play for Any Day – 4 Ways to Accessorize Your Hair

Written By: Saeeda Ruffin

If you are like most people, you CANNOT WAIT FOR SUMMER! After a whole year of being cooped up and on lock down due to the pandemic, cabin fever is at an all-time high. Folks want to get out, and they want to look good when they finally make their escape -- that includes making sure your hair is on point. 

Summertime is the best time to have some fun with your hair. You can have “hair play” any day by changing things up with a few fresh ideas. Summer ain’t even gonna be ready for you when you come through with your hair looking fit for a Queen. Here is a little hair inspiration to get your crown looking more brilliant than ever:

Put A Ring On It

Sis, those tiny gold hair rings or cuffs can give your hair the ultimate summer goddess treatment. They really bring out the best in braids and locs. Twinkling with any flash of light, that sparkle will give your hair a real glow up. You can use them sparingly or all over your head. It’s your choice. Either way, know for sure you are going to look blacknificent!

Color You Bold

Why not switch up your hair color for a real change? Coloring your hair is a commitment that some shy away from. Well, fear no more! There are plenty of temporary hair coloring products that will enhance your locks without stressing you -- or your hair -- out. One product, Hair Paint Wax, is making serious inroads amongst the sistas when it comes to giving hair a splash of color. It is an awesome and easy-to-use option. So, go ahead and choose a bold and funky hair color, Sis. This time, you’re gonna go BIG with your summer hair look!

Bundle Up

You probably never thought of hair extensions as actual hair accessories but if you’re trying to create different styles, they can be. You’ll need to have some bundles on hand to work some hair magic. One way to use hair to accessorize your style is to take hair braid extensions and wrap them around your own bantu knots to create bigger knots.  Or, why not wrap a large scale hair braid around your head like an actual crown or headband?  You can also use colored hair braids to wrap ponytails or puffs.  The options are limitless so have fun!

Give Your Hair Pin-terest

Hair pins have made a comeback! Yesss! The time has come to pull out those hair pins and use them to style and accessorize your hair. Hairpins can be used to achieve a faux “slick down” effect. Simply place multiple hairpins on your hair, spaced equally along the area that you want to lay flat. Hair pins can be criss-crossed to make designs on your hair or give the fancy ones a try and use them to prop up the sides for a faux-hawk. Back in the day, hair pins were hidden. No more! These days they look super cute and they’re making an appearance, out in the open, all over your hair.

Now, that you have some ideas and tools to give your hair some summer sass, get creative and enjoy the process. After a year on lock, you deserve every possible moment to flash your diva-tude and style.  Do your thing!

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