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Go Best Friend: Tisha Campbell & Tichina Arnold

There’s something about the friendship between black women that just feels good. Whether we’re talking about building your real life tribe or our favorite girlfriends on TV, we all can appreciate a good friend. And, while there are tons of black women friendships–both real and fictional–to reference, can we be real and ask is there a more iconic best friend duo than Tisha Campbell & Tichina Arnold?

We fell for them in the 90’s when they took over Martin. Their real, down to earth, and always hilarious friendship on the show rivaled some of Marty Mar’s best jokes! But, before and after that now iconic show in black culture, Tisha and Tichina were still serving black woman friendship goals. It’s not everyday we get a peek inside a friendship like this both on and off the screen so we’re gonna take a minute and walk down memory lane with these two best friends!

Little Shop of Horrors

Tisha Campell and Tichina Arnold

photo via Warner Brothers

Where it all started. Before Martin, Tisha and Tichina were on the big screen showing off their singing, dancing, and acting skills. We have this sci-fi comedy about a flesh eating plant to thank for bring our favorite ladies together in the mid 80’s. You might remember Tisha and Tichina’s role as part of a three girl choir performing their vocals and moves throughout the movie. Oh and get into those outfits too! Yasss.


Tisha Campbell and Tichina Arnold

photo via

It wasn’t until these best friends/roommates hit the small screen as Gina and Pam did we really fall in love with Tisha and Tichina. Tisha playing Gina, Martin’s love interest and Tichina playing Pam, the hilarious best friend, there wasn’t an episode where you couldn’t see that the chemistry these ladies had was REAL. Even though Martin was just a comedy show, it was a refreshing, real, example of the bond between black women. And even with the shows rocky ending, their friendship flourished on beyond it.

Don’t Ask My NeighborTisha Campbell & Tichina Arnold

So, while we got a glimpse of their singing skills during their Little Shop of Horror days, we got a full piece in this cover of Don’t Ask My Neighbor. Yes, Tisha and Tichina showed out and let us know that they could have been the next 90’s R&B group if they weren’t spending their acting days on Martin. But seriously, seeing these two collab on a song does make you think of what could have been and shines some light on Tisha’s current music career. Have you seen her performances lately? Don’t ever let someone tell you it’s too late to chase your dreams!

What are your favorite memories of this best friend duo? Join us on memory lane and let us know!


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