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Get Brand New With These 10 At-Home Hobbies

Written By: Girl Tyler

2020 proved that we have more time on our hands than we thought.You’ve spent hours upon hours scrolling into oblivion and binge-watching your favorite movies and shows. Transform your quarantine time into a creative oasis. These low-cost hobbies will keep you occupied and once you master them, you just might have a profitable side-hustle on your hands.

All-natural soap making

Go the environmentally-friendly route and skip the perfumes and artificial dyes. No lye, soap making is a sensual hobby that gives you the freedom to explore your own unique blend of scents and ingredients.

Learn a new instrument

Tired of your same playlist rotation? Time for a new music scene. You were a total badass on the flute back in the day. The music is in you, why not fill your home with your own sweet sounds. Learning a new musical instrument is a time commitment so this is one that you’ll want to stick with and practice consistently.

Become fluent in another language

Mastering another language is a rewarding challenge that requires time and patience. And the pay-off? Bilingual workers tend to make more in their profession. And from a social perspective, you'll open yourself up to connect with people from various cultures and backgrounds.

There are plenty of online courses and apps for beginners. Learning a new language doesn’t have to be a solo sport. Involve your friends, partner, and kids on this new journey.


Time to unleash your inner Spinderella. We know you have fire playlists going all day while you work, but take it up a notch and learn the art of mixing. There are tons of free tutorials and software available for mixing. Once you start feeling yourself, you might as well invest in production software to make your own beats.


Remember back in the day when your grandma, mama, and aunties were lightweight hoarders?

They held onto items that looked like trash to you but actually served a dual purpose for them. Same deal here. Upcycling is a method to turn old things into useful everyday items. Turn old t-shirts into blankets. Use spaghetti sauce jars for candle holders. Transform old jeans into a denim potholder. The list goes on and on. Plus, upcycling is great for the Earth.


This ain’t your granny’s kind of crocheting. You can make thoughtful gifts, full outfits, and home decor. The possibilities of your imagination paired with yarn and a crochet hook are endless.

Write a screenplay

Don’t be fooled, several big players in Hollywood never went to film school. A marketable idea and access will take you far but there’s a little more to it. Every good film starts with a good story and the courage to tell it. Follow screenplay blogs and sit in on webinars to learn the nuts and bolts of developing your first screenplay.

Jewelry making

Handmade jewelry designs are all the rage. Experimentation is key.  Depending on how simple or elaborate you choose to be, jewelry making can get pricey. Before you get started, think about how much you’re willing to spend on quality materials.

Learn to code

Kids these days come out of the womb with tech-enabled skills. If they can do it, so can you. There are very basic apps and programs to introduce you to the fundamentals. Learning to code provides a new perspective on problem-solving and how to break down complex issues. An even bigger bonus? Code-related careers have higher earning potential. Even if you're not in the tech field, the future of automation is on the way. You might as well get ahead of the curve! This one isn’t for the faint of heart but once you get there, you’ll be unstoppable.


Don’t run out and buy the most expensive DSLR camera. You already have what you need: a smartphone. Your device packs a powerful punch beyond its basic everyday functions. In recent years, the iPhone and Android debate has revved into high gear over which phones have more robust cameras. Go for a nature walk and snap a few pics. Set up a ring light at home and go self-portrait mode. Capture spontaneous moments and develop your eye for detail.


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