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Feeling Down? 5 Little Things To Help Get You Into The Holiday Spirit

As we’re heading into the core of the holiday season, we wanted to take a minute to ask: Got the holiday blues?

That’s fine. We have all had moments of feeling down during the fall/winter season. Maybe you’ve had a rough year, on a personal level. Obviously, 2016 wasn’t the sunniest. We have had many shocking celebrity passings and our country feels more divided than ever. Honestly, we all just kind of want to end 2016–and if possible, on a high note.

Regardless of what you had to deal with this year, you deserve a much-needed break. It’s time to chill by the fire, drink some hot chocolate, and smell the Christmas trees. There are many things you can do right now to start getting yourself into a cheery mood for the holidays.

Here are 5 things that can help:

Have a bath with Peppermint oil: Instead of a quick shower, relax in a hot bath. You can add your favorite essential oils to it to make things extra soothing. I suggest peppermint because its scent will help relieve of any stress you may have. And it’s fresh, menthol aroma will also help you get rid of a cold. Lastly, it’s a great mood booster. Feel free to add other oils such as lavender, eucalyptus (my current favorite!), or chamomile. Just remember not to over do it by adding too many drops of oils, since too much can be irritating to the skin. Do a little research and see which essential oils are best for you.

Decorate Your Bedroom with Christmas Lights: In case anyone of you loves Netflix original “Stranger Things”, you maybe excited by now. Whether you enjoy the show or not, decorating your bedroom with Christmas lights is sure to give you a pick me up. If you love fairy lights, go for traditional white lights. If you feel like going all out, light your room up with some color.

Play your favorite Christmas Song: Do you have a particular Christmas carol that warms your heart every time you hear it? Doesn’t matter if you like Christmas songs sung by your favorite rock band, classic R&B crooner, or even in hip-hop form. Put on your favorite Christmas track and sing along. Dance if you want to as well. You’ll feel happier in no time.

Pop in your Go to Holiday Movie: If you are an avid movie lover like me I’m sure you have a list of films that get you into the Christmas spirit. Whether it’s a rom-com or drama, pop that DVD in or use Netflix. Heck, have a movie marathon of all your favorite holiday flicks with some popcorn, hot chocolate, and maybe a couple of your closest girlfriends. You won’t regret it.

Grab your pals and have your own Christmas Party: the holidays are all about getting together with loved ones. So why not have a get together with your friends and throw a party. Create your favorite cocktails, cook your favorite dishes, and  share stories that will bring your girls closer. Whether this year was hard on you or not, you can always celebrate life and laughter with your best friends. This can cure any holiday upset.

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