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Fashion Evolution: The Best Video Looks of Destiny’s Child

Y’all remember Destiny’s Child? If there’s one thing I’ve always admired them for, other than their music, it would be their style. From the lyrics down to the clothes, Destiny’s Child knew how to make a cohesive body of work. Their music video style ranged from late 90’s street cred to 00’s classy fierceness. We thought we’d  take a quick look back at some of Destiny’s Child most fierce music video looks:

1.) “Say My Name”

“Say My Name” is one of the Destiny’s Child, then a quartet, most recognizable tunes, and music videos. It was color coded. The girls would wear all blue or orange outfits according to apartment setting. The most standout look in the video is the group dancing in a car garage in tight skinned, black and orange pieces. The scene is reminiscent of the video for “Jumpin’ Jumpin” where the girls are dancing in a club. While the group’s sound is R&B, they were not shy to add a touch of hip-hop in their style, both in music and fashion.

2.) “Survivor”

Did anyone fall in love with the camouflage trend after watching this music video? Because Destiny’s Child owned it and I wanted to wear cameo too. I digress! Rowland, Knowles, and Williams each wore coordinated camouflage two-piece and combat boots. The music video shows the beauty in a mature woman’s strength on a physical, emotional, and mental level. Even though the song is about the group’s own internal struggles. They overcome it all.

3.) “Bootylicious”-

This super fun music video features the girls in a variety of looks. All while paying tribute to the late Michael Jackson and his iconic dance moves. The ladies first wear a gold disco ensemble with giant chains and colored fedoras. Then they wear the cowgirl aesthetic with blue tassels and cowgirl boots. My favorite boils down to the Billie Jean segment. The ladies off their best M.J moves in sparkly-white/purple high pants and midriffs.

4.) “Independent Woman Pt. 1”-

“Independent Pt. 1” was the theme to 2000s flick Charlie’s Angels. And for independent females everywhere! Here, the trio is training at Charlie’s Angel’s boot camp set in the future. They go through a couple of looks. The first is a modern sophisticated office attire made up of 70’s retro swirl patterns. It’s a nice an homage to the period in which the original show was set in. When it’s time sharpen their fighting skills, they wore beautiful, fluid violet dresses. Because who says a woman can not kick butt in a dress? Pops of the trio in black leather make up the scenes in the middle that keep up with the current style of the remake. By this time, Destiny’s Child has come into their own, establishing themselves as one of the best trios of R&B.

5.) “Lose My Breath”-

The fashion in “Lose My Breath” is fascinating. It’s not only a video of a sweet dance off. You can interpret their costumes as a complete evolution of their style as a musical group. First, you got your “street” version trying to take on the more “sophisticated” look of the trio. Out of nowhere, the current “fierce” manifestation of the trio comes in ready to win it. The video is a like a blast from the past and a sneak peak into the future (hello Beyonce in her Lemonade-era!).

Destiny’s Child didn’t just give a great music for our time. They also taught us a lesson in musical group fashion coordination 101. Because when it came down to their music video fashions, these women were flawless.

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