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Fall Workout Playlist

Though the fall season is upon us, that doesn’t mean we have to stop the activities we enjoyed this summer. If you started working out during the summer, keep that habit going this fall. As temperatures begin to wind down, it’s easy to get caught up with the cozy vibe and get lazy. Not to mention, cuffing season is almost here. That is why taking yourself to the gym is the best way to keep active. Plus, if you are participating in cuffing season, wouldn’t you want to look good for your boo?  So to inspire you to hit the treadmill here is a wicked playlist for ya’ll to listen to! This fall workout playlist is sure to keep you motivated as you pump some iron. 

1.) Soulmate by Izzo

Nothing like working out to a track that will remind you just how perfect you already are, especially if you are feeling very single. Izzo’s hot track “Soulmate” is a testament to all of us ladies who need to keep in mind that self-love matters at the end of the day. The song is filled with high energy and lyrics that’ll make you embrace your inner Queen. This track is perfect!

2.) Fade by Kanye West

Who remembers seeing this music video premiere at the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards and feeling inspired to all of a sudden hit the gym when dancer Teyana Taylor started doing all kinds of power moves? Whether you love Kanye West or not, you have to admit he knows how to spit some bars. This song will make you want to put some extra effort into whatever workout routine you got going on, like lifting weights or Zumba.

3.) Adrenaline! by The Roots

Looking for a bit more hardcore hip-hop to add to your current playlist? Look no further than this classic track by The Roots. Adrenaline! is filled with high-powered beats. Not to mention, it’s filled with thought-provoking lyrics. The track is sure to put fire into your step.

4.) B.O.B by Outkast

Here’s another underrated hip-hop track for your workout playlist this season. Outkast’s music always has a great flow and tons of rhythm. It’s a great song to play if you are going for a run. You can even play as background music during kickboxing or boxing lessons for those who like to take their workouts to the next level. It’s also great to dance to if hip-hop dancing is your form of exercise.

5.) Try Again by Aaliyah

Fans of Aaliyah know this 90s classic by heart; however, this is a great motivational song to have in your playlist. If you feel like you want to quit the gym altogether, let her famous lyric “dust yourself off and try again” inspire you to keep going. Her soft vocals are like a breath of fresh air. It’s a nice song to play when you are cooling down after a strenuous workout session.

The fall is an awesome season to get back on your workout game. It will keep you active in between those warm, cozy autumn moments. These songs will keep you motivated as you go after your health goals. Soon enough you will have a six-pack by Christmas. If you do, be sure to thank us. Happy listening, ya’ll!


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