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Everything They Should’ve Told You About Your 20s

Your 20s are an important time in your life. You are discovering yourself on a new level. You either are in school or working your first real-life job. Its a time for new experiences. That being said, its also a prime time to get various life advice. Some are not so positive or helpful. Regardless, you learn so much about yourself before the big 3-0. You may have come to some realizations on your own but wish someone told you early on. Here are a few things people should’ve told you about your 20s:

1.) Vulnerability is a good thing- 

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The world often promotes that sensitivity is a bad thing. It’s a thought that is spread around in your 20s. You may have come across people who believe that showing emotions make you weak. This couldn’t be further from the truth. There’s nothing wrong with being guarded. Granted, no one wants to end up trusting the wrong people and have them use our vulnerability against us. However, opening up allows others to really know you. It can also be very healing to share your emotions. Being vulnerable is a beautiful thing because it refrains you from living with a cold heart. 

2.) Change Is A Natural Part of Life-

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In your 20s, you may have had plans for your future. You probably wanted to marry your college sweetheart, get a high-paying job, and become a parent by the age of 30. While some people achieve this, many don’t. You learn quickly that not everything is set in stone. This is inevitable and a big factor in life that should’ve been further explained in your 20s. 

3.) How Important It Is To Have Good Money Skills-

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During your 20s you probably enjoyed splurging money on a variety of things like going out, hitting the club, or shopping. But when student loans, bills, and rent start coming up, it makes the average 20-something grow up as soon as possible. They should have told you how important it is to save, budget, and investments. Since we live in a world where the minimum wage isn’t going to make the cut, someone should’ve preached about having multiple streams of income. It is a lot of work but your future self would thank you for it.

4.) It’s Okay To Not Have Everything Figured Out-

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There’s so much pressure in your 20s to have everything figured out. Parents want you to have a good job, get married, and have kids. You want to show off your achievements to your friends so you won’t feel like you are behind in life. What you come to realize that even the people who seem to have it all, also don’t have everything figured out. Each of us is trying to figure out this game called “Life”. Relax, stay present, and focus on doing things that make you happy.

No matter what age you are now, you may still wish you were told differently about a few things. Some of them may be on this list. In the end, its all wisdom. Knowing what you know now can only help you to further progress in life. So if any of these revelations are new to you, let them inspire you on your journey.


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