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Editors’ Picks: I am a Black Woman

Dipped in melanin. Black Girl Magic. Black Girls Rock. Skin like honey. And all that good stuff. Can you tell I’m in a mood coming out a month of celebrating black history and into one celebrating women? I am always celebrating the intersection of my blackness and womanhood so of course, I take these months kind of serious. And in the words of Solange “in my opinion, we are the most poppin”.

Here are my picks for celebrating that I am a Black Woman.

I am a Black Woman Pillow

Editors' Picks: I am a Black Woman Throw Pillow

Let me start by telling you just who I am. A black woman. Too often, we shrink ourselves in order to protect the things that make us great from a world that doesn’t always recognize that greatness. No more. From our skin to our hair, our minds to our bodies, we are black women and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

2018 Black Girl Magic Calendar

Editors' Picks: 2018 Black Girl Magic Calendar

Every month is a month to celebrate black women. That’s why I make it my personal mission to adorn every space that I can with images that remind me just how amazing we are. It’s not too late to add a little black magic to your office with a calendar full of beautiful black women.

Drippin Honey, Caramel, Brown Sugar, Gold Tee

Editors' Picks: Drippin Melanin Tee

We are black women and we are diverse as they come. Be the representation for that diversity for yourself and your sisters in melanin. Whether you’re drippin honey or brown sugar, it’s all beautiful.

Phenomenal Black Women Notebook

Editors' Picks: Phenomenal Black Women Notebook

As much as I celebrate my black womanhood today, it is not lost on me that there were many black women that came before me that did the work and laid the path for this celebration to be possible. Paying homage to the phenomenal women that inspired generations of black women.

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