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Down Memory Lane with Xscape

Who else has been keeping up with one of our favorite 90’s girl groups every Sunday night? If you haven’t been watching Still Kickin It on Bravo, you might want to start. Our girls are making a comeback and we are HYPE. Kandi, Tiny, Tamika, and LaTocha, also known as Xscape, have been touring, performing, and word on the street is they are releasing NEW music (without Kandi unfortunately).  So it’s only right we take a quick trip down memory lane and reminisce on some of the best songs, fashion, and moments that we loved the ladies of Xscape for.

1. Just Kickin’ It

Their debut 1991 single and the moment we fell in love. From the first line “kick off your shoes and relax your feet” we were all grooving to the dope beats and the smooth harmonies these ladies were serving. Even though they had some R&B girl group competition, Xscape was like a breath of fresh air. Real girls we could relate to.

2. The 90’s Fashion

Xscape Fashion

photo via TVone

We had to dedicate this one to Xscape’s fashion. They had that perfect 90’s style down to a tee. From baggy jeans, baseball tees, all “leather” everything, and all the shades hunny! Xscape was definitely the epitome of black girl fashion in the 90’s.

3. And 90’s Beauty…

Xscape Beauty

photo via bravotv

And so you know we couldn’t talk about the fashion without taking a moment to shout out Xscape’s beauty moments. Listen, we know that 90’s beauty has made a comeback  so you might want to take a look at these ladies who did it first. Come through brown lipstick and soft smokey eye!

4. My Little Secret

The last official single from the group and they went out with a bang. My Little Secret was a risque track for its time that talked about a side relationship. I’m not saying we could all relate but we sure were singing along to “you’re my little secret. And that’s how we should keep it.”

5. And they’re back!

We all took it personally when Xscape broke up and though we’ve had some cute groups over the years, none were quite like these ladies. Regardless of what may come from the group moving forward (fingers crossed for a tour and album) we’ll be soaking up every minute they let us in to share what’s going and what’s next with us.

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