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Discovering Your Own Superpower

 #BlackGirlMagic signifies black women crushing it despite the odds. It’s about recognizing how powerful we are for thriving in environments that don’t always support us.  If you’ve ever thought, that's not me, that's that girl over there: the Serena Williams and Beyoncé’s of the world, I’m here to tell you that you are powerful. Your super power is tied to that gift that makes you special. You just have to channel it. Start by asking yourself a few questions.

What makes you feel powerful?

The simplest way to discover your super power is to reflect on what makes you feel powerful.

Some people feel powerful after a challenging workout and other people get into that "I can do anything state of mind" while working on a hobby like cooking, teaching a class or even making people laugh. No matter how simple it might seem, don’t minimize or dismiss it.  


What are you passionate about?

Ultimately, powerful people are driven by passion, but passion isn't just some random thing that infects you one day. It's always within you. One way you can recognize it is to consider what allows you to live in the moment. Is there an activity that engrosses you to the point of losing track of time? This can be a great indicator of what direction you need to go in to find your passion.


How can you cultivate that passion?

Whatever makes you feel powerful, you need to cultivate that. Invest in it and understand that it is valuable. Like sharpening a knife, you must practice your craft, seek out new challenges and push yourself beyond your comfort levels.

Finding the motivation to do this can be difficult, but most of the time it boils down to changing certain beliefs that may be holding you back.  Such a belief could be not recognizing your gift as a gift. This could be due to having an idea in your head that doesn’t match with what your heart calls you to do. For example, a woman with a giving nature might feel powerful doing community work that has a positive impact on people's lives, but rather than finding a way to do that, she finds a relationship that she can turn into a project.


What do you need to share?

To truly step into your full power, think about what you like sharing with the world. Is there something that you wish existed that currently doesn’t? When you share your unique perspective and talent, you go through a type of transformation by speaking and acting your power into existence. Sharing also opens yourself up to receive more. Think of it as a feedback loop that grows your talents and abilities.

The intersection between passion and authenticity puts a spotlight on what makes you unique. That’s where your super power lies. SHEro's leave an impact and they stir things up. They have to go against the grain and swim upstream sometimes.  When you know who you are, what you love, what you hate and what you're meant to do, you'll always be able to find the power you need to do that.

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