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How To Develop A Gratitude Practice

Gratitude Practice

Hey ladies! Question: how often do you show gratitude on a daily basis? We know Thanksgiving Day is coming up but the concept of giving thanks goes beyond the holiday festivities. Having an attitude of gratitude throughout the year does wonders in your life. It increases your mood and it helps create a positive outlook. God (or the universe) gives us so much. The more we show gratitude for what we have, the more we can receive.

It’s so easy to go about your day not being grateful but that it because we intend to look at what’s lacking in our lives. This type of negativity can be our downfall. We often do not sit back to give thanks for even the smallest things like water, a blanket to keep you warm, or a good book. Being grateful is not just for material things. Its also giving thanks for the lessons you’ve learned in your life so far. If your life is not in a place you want it to be, or you just want to take an extra step to being a happier person, try developing a gratitude practice. Here are are few tips for you:

1.) Keep A Gratitude Journal-

Writing is a powerful tool! By keeping a gratitude journal you are able to feel what it is you are grateful for when you write them down. Start off with writing at least 5 things every day. Then, make the list longer when you see fit. For some people, this can be challenging. So remember to say thanks for even the little things like water, shelter, and clothes. Having a gratitude journal is one of the most beneficial practices to cultivate a more thankful attitude.

2.) Meditation-

Being in the present moment is a wonderful way to show gratitude in your life. Too many times we can be focused on the past, the future, or dwelling over recent situations by constant overthinking. Meditation helps clear our minds. It also forces us to recognize what is working. Noticing your breathing, how your body is able to move, and listening to the sounds around you is a form of gratitude because you are acknowledging what you have now. Make meditation a habit by taking at least 5-15 minutes out of your day.You can use a guided meditation or listen to soft music if you are not used to having your mind go into a calm state. If you are someone who is constantly worrying, this is a great routine to have. As someone who struggles with anxiety, I practicing meditation has helped me be more thankful, feel good, and less anxious. You’ll be so grateful mediation exists.

3.) Say It Aloud-

Simply saying 3-5 things you are thankful for aloud every day is enough to cultivate an attitude of gratitude. You can have a lot of fun with this! Let’s say, you are going to get a glass of water. When you get up to walk to the fridge, say “thank you for the ability to walk”. Then say “thank you for the water” when you make yourself a glass. It’s probably best to do this activity if you live alone. At the very least, say your gratitude list quietly if you have company. You wouldn’t want your house guests to think you’re crazy!

4.) Make A Mental List-

How you feel when you wake up determines how the rest of your day is going to be. You want to wake up feeling good so you can start your morning with the best intentions. Try this! Right when you wake up, think to yourself a short list of things you’re grateful for. Saying “thank you” for the cozy bed you sleep in is a great place to start. Just being able to have another day is enough to be grateful for.

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