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Damn Gina! 6 times Tisha Campbell-Martin Came Through!

Whether she’s Gina, Jane, or just plain Tisha, her appearance is always stellar. Let’s flash back to some of Tisha Campbell Martin’s greatest moments!

Girl Next Door

Damn Gina!: Girl Next Door

Provided by The Rebel Society on Pinterest

Looking young and innocent, Tisha’s all denim outfit is straight from the 80’s. We love young Tisha because she reminds us of who we wanted to be growing up; pretty, fashionable, and funny. It is kind of shocking to see her with dark hair since she often rocks blondes and golds.

She Woke Up Like This

Damn Gina!: Woke Up Like This

Provided by Ray C on Pinterest

Tisha was never one to pile on the makeup, her looks were always effortless. This is one of the few photos she actually attempts “sexy” yet she does it so innocently.

Abs Abs Abs Abs

Damn Gina!: Abs

Provided by Pinterest

Tisha has always had BODY. Not just a cute petite frame but one that is long, lean, and has muscle definition. In her hit television show Martin, she and her friend Pamela were known to show off their beautiful bellies. Ms. Campell you are #bodygoals my dear!


Damn Gina!: Girl Boss

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Sure, Gina dated Martin Lawrence, a famous radio personality but that doesn’t mean she had to sit at home and be a housewife. On the old school show Martin, Tisha’s character Gina worked at a huge marketing firm with her sidekick Pam. Gina was one of the top employees at the firm and often got recognition for her successes.

School Daze

Damn Gina!: School Daze

Provided by Uptown Magazine

Holy Hair! Just when you thought the teased look was only for women like Alex Owens in Flashdance, Tisha shows up and shows out! This photo was captured during the filming of Spike Lee’s School Daze, an old-school classic about a nerdy guy that wants to pledge to a college fraternity. She played Jane Toussaint in the movie, a blue-eyed beauty and the girlfriend of chapter president Julian Eaves.

She’s a Natural Beauty

Damn Gina!: Natural Beauty

Provided by Ask Crissy

Even as she ages, Ms. Campbell retains her youthful glow. The blonde highlights add radiance to her complexion, meanwhile making her eyes sparkle.  She keeps her makeup simple with a little liner, mascara, and a nude lip.

The Flip Side

We can’t be great all of the time, neither can Mrs. Campbell. Let’s review a few times she was caught off-guard. No shade; these were some very memorable moments!

The Dental Disaster

Damn Gina!: Dental Disaster

Provided by

Gina’s hubby Martin had a class reunion coming up and she wanted to be there to show off her beauty. Unfortunately, she had a dental procedure scheduled that would require some recovery time. Despite the doctor’s recommendations, Gina took it upon herself to show up at the reunion to “surprise” her man. With her mouth, hair, and clothing all puffy and twisted she was escorted out by none other than Martin to save him the embarrassment.

Bed Head

Damn Gina!: Bed Head

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When you buy a new bed, the usual thing to do is to check out the way it feels. Martin and Gina decided that love-making was the easiest way o see if their mattress was a sufficient purchase. After an intense session, Gina’s head somehow got stuck in the headboard. There was no way for her to get the fixture from around her neck but being the boss that she is, she cut the excess, put on a wig, and went to work because she had a very important presentation!

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