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“Blackish” Is The “New” Cosby Show

Blackish season two came to a triumphant end, leaving us with a lot of questions. As we wait for those answers, it seems only right that we explore how black America’s new tv family continues to spread the messages our parents were given decades ago from The Cosby Show. Blackish has found a way to relate these encouraging messages to the millennial generation in a way that solidifies the fact, “Black is the thang to be”.

To Be Black And Successful.

Dre and Rainbow give black millennials an example of the type of people they should aspire to be. That is, to be successful, and self-loving black people who transcend beyond stereotypes without selling out.

They reiterate the message that the Cosby’s eloquently expressed, it is “ok” to be successful and black. They take it a step even further by making it “cool’ to be this way. Examples like Dre’s extensive sneaker collection and Rainbow’s love for “natural” things, show us that you can raise your status in society while still holding on to your essence.




What Does Black Love Look Like?

In the era of the “baby momma” and the “side chick”, Blackish reminds us of what the loving two-parent household looks like in the black community. Just as the Huxtables did before them, the Johnsons illustrate that you CAN build a successful empire, have multiple children and still manage to hold on to the fire that sparked the relationship.

The Johnsons help to chip away at the “deadbeat father” and “gold digging mother” stereotypes that plague the black community. They remind us of what it means to maintain and raise children in a loving and committed relationship.


Black is Beautiful.

As we look for other activities to occupy our Wednesday nights, we can’t forget the most important message Blackish has inadvertently given us. That black is indeed “where it’s at” and it’s quiet for anyone who thinks otherwise. We can have our cake, and eat it too.

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