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The Black-tivists of Today

Black-tivists make the saying, “Stand for something or fall for anything” their life’s work. They are the seemingly fearless people who are willing to lay everything on the line for the cause of fighting the injustices of this world. Where would we be without them and their vicarious voices blasting the ills and providing support for those who have been afflicted? I’m sure none of us want to know the answer to that! We have all, in some way, benefited from those who championed the “struggle”, at one point or another. It’s likely that we take the liberties, that they have suffered for us to enjoy, for granted.

No Us Without Them

Without these black-tivists, who go the distance when others fall by the wayside, many causes would go unled. Many situations that need addressing would go unheard and contemptuously forgotten. Who are these fighters? Why are these sometimes vigilantes willing to risk it all for the greater good? Who are the black-tivists of today? Contrary to popular belief, their causes may be rooted in helping their own people, but the reality is that what they do benefits the world on a much greater level. Their work is more than just about one color. It’s about equality, justice, and freedom. All of those values transcend race, culture, and gender.

Respect and Appreciation For Their Sacrifice

We are going to give “props” to a few black-tivists of today so that others will be able to recognize them and to hopefully, get inspired to do more for their communities as well. We salute these black-tivists of today for what they have done and for the battles that they will fight in the future.

The Media Maven Black-tivist

Eloquent, beautiful, graceful, and one of the realest black women in media, Franchesca Leigh Ramsey AKA Chescaleigh is a young and inspiring black-tivist. In addition to being a comedienne, an actress, and a pop-culture expert, she uses her media platform to dispel all kinds of ridiculous myths about people of color. She calls out racism unapologetically. Through her commentary, she is educating in a very basic way, while “kindly” working to correct racist behavior.

The Social Media Moderating Black-tivist

You have probably seen the viral social media messages that alert the masses coming from this black-tivist. Whenever you see a post with the name Shaun King attached to it, you know that it’s going to be about somebody or something that will directly impact the black community. From standing up against police brutality to writing about the others ways that blacks are persecuted, Shaun is one of the black-tivists who can hold his own against even the most hatred-filled people. Shaun will not back down and it is his willingness to put the information out there, while fighting tooth-and-nail against those who are the perpetrators of the injustice that makes us even more grateful for him.

The Black-tivist Youth Of Today and Tomorrow

Naomi Wadler captivated the nation with her impassioned speech at the rally following the Parkland shootings. At just 11 years old, this young black-tivist spoke with the conviction of someone many years her elder. Poised, direct, and she refused to mince her words or her message. Naomi personified everything that we expect of black-tivists: strength, confidence, and full of purpose. Her maturity seems almost unreal. But, in fact, it is real, and it came before she was ever seen by millions around the world. It showed through when she led her school in the “walk-out” following the Parkland massacre.

The world only got a glimpse into who Naomi Wadler is. We can only brace ourselves for who she will become. Expect this pre-teen black-tivist to affect change in amazing ways. She, along with the other black-tivists, will not stop until they feel that their work is done.

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