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Black Netflix: All the TV Shows & Movies You’ve Been Missing

Whenever people get a few moments to chill, we know that you all are out there binge-watching Black Netflix. With all of those melanated, complex, and relatable characters, it’s hard not to get pulled in. In all honesty, there are so many shows and movies that there is always something to get your attention. But, you most definitely want to make sure that you are getting the most out of your Black Netflix experience.

Consider this, there aren’t a lot of shows and movies that feature black casts and are successful in appealing to black people across the spectrum of demographics. We don’t want to watch any old thing JUST BECAUSE they put a few brown faces on the screen. Our tastes and expectations have evolved and we feel like we can be kind of “choosy” about what we watch. Yes, we do have the right to want quality programs. That’s one reason why we are thankful for Black Netflix.

Even in 2019, there are still plenty of shows and movies that are a bit questionable because they are either fodder for stereotypes or they just aren’t real enough. Well, we are going to try to help you with getting your  viewing schedule in sync with some of the most popular and entertaining programs on Netflix. We know you want to be down with the good stuff, so to follow, we are serving up a few of Black Netflix’s best…

Nappily Ever After

From hair to where? This movie explored the life journey of a woman who lived with an unhealthy perspective of her hair and how it defined her. When she let it go, she was able to get to a better place mentally and with regard to self-love. Her personal revelations about beauty and self-worth through her experience will have you all into this. Hopefully, she will learn what many have, that ain’t nothing wrong with being a happy nappy!

Turn Up Charlie

Y’all know that y’all love some Idris. Well, get ready to go all in as you get to watch Mr. Elba on the regular in the Black Netflix series, Turn Up Charlie, which will be out in March. He’ll be spinning and doing what he actually does in real life, DJing. Of course, he’ll be acting up a storm in this story about a man who is just trying to handle his business by working gigs. You’ll  get to enjoy a different side of this talented and beautiful black man.

Dear White People

You have to admit it…they have DEFINITELY said some things on this show that you have always wanted to say! While addressing an entire race of people for the questionable behavior of some is not really the most appropriate way of handling race relations, we still want to do it sometimes! In this series, they are not afraid to bring hot topics to the forefront. Hey, one could argue that they are just being real with it on Black Netflix…and yes, it is necessary and greatly appreciated.

Reggie Yates Outside Man

This dude, literally, gets it from the horse’s mouth! Award winning filmmaker, Reggie Yates, travels the world and gets into the deep, the dark, and the unsavory side of humanity. He tackles race, politics, and everything that he deems worthy of deeper inquiry. This young black man with the smoothest British accent seems almost fearless as he delves into worlds, organizations, and the minds of people with controversial views. His honest reactions and willingness to ask the tough questions makes this Black Netflix series almost addictive.

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