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BLACK LOVE: 3 Couples We’re Still Rooting For

BLACK LOVE: 3 Couples We’re Still Rooting For

When it comes to black love and marriage for celebrities, it seems like the chances of things faltering is a thousand times more likely. The combination of fame and marriage can be tough for most to endure. Constantly trying to balance work, fans, and the paparazzi with having a healthy relationship and personal life, life could feel unbearable at times.

Stress and Strain From Being Celebrities

The strain on the relationship must be absolutely tiring. But, for some famous black couples, they have made it work…some for decades! There is something almost magical about the idea of two people having everything: success in their field, fame, money, and, the ultimate “thing”, true love.

We Want Their Black Love To Continue

There are some famous couples that we are still rooting for, with hopes that their love and happiness together continues. If they can make it last forever with the world watching, criticizing, and magnifying everything in their lives, we have hope for our lives! Here are a few of the celebs who have beat the odds and shown the world what black love is really about:

Barack and Michelle Obama

The way Barack Obama looks at his wife Michelle makes our hearts skip a beat. This power couple is “black love goals” for the masses. We almost feel privileged to be let into their world and relationship. Both of them personify all that we feel is great and positive about being black, and we just love that they are doing more than their part to make this world better. We will never stop rooting for them and their positive black love.

Ayesha and Steph Curry

Where do we start with this couple? From college sweethearts to media moguls and absolute superstars, Ayesha and Steph Curry seem to be able to do it all! From where we are sitting, just watching them have fun together and enjoy each other’s company is enough to put a smile on our faces. They are so awesome together and every time they interact, it just looks very natural. Because they were so young when they became a couple, they, literally, have grown up together. It’s absolutely amazing to see their black love flourish. They have something really special!

Pauletta and Denzel Washington

Hollywood royalty and still making their marriage work, Pauletta and Denzel Washington are just fabulous! Ladies may be swooning over her famous actor husband, but Pauletta never lets anyone see her sweating that. Pauletta is always poised and appears perfectly comfortable in her own skin. They present themselves as a team, a unit, and they let you know that they are about each other. It’s so wonderful to see them on the red carpet and to know that their black love is one that is rooted in realness and solidarity. Decades of black love and, from the looks of things, they have many more decades to experience….together.


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