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Black Girl Fitness Influencers

By Tiffany Stewart

There’s nothing more beautiful than a Black woman celebrating her own body. These beautiful Black fitness influencers have made it their mission to make fitness fun, empowering, and accessible for women everywhere. Whether you’re looking for some workout tips for the new year or a little pep talk to empower the badass you are, these five fitness influencers will hold you down when you need it. Check them out on Instagram.

Kayla Nicole @iamkaylanicole @strongissexy
Kayla Nicole launched S.I.S. (Strong Is Sexy) in June 2020 to redefine strong from the inside out as a Black woman. “Friendly reminder that there is absolutely nothing wrong with working for the body that you want while wholeheartedly loving the body that you have.”
-Kayla Nicole

Joie Chavis @joiechavis @joieinlife
Joie Chavis created Joie In Life to share how she finds joy in different aspects of life. Through workout plans and personal stories, Joie wants women to remember that “maintaining your mental health is JUST as important as your physical health.”
-Joie Chavis

Tunde Oyeneyin @tune2tunde
You may know Tunde Oyeneyin as the fierce premium Peloton instructor, but she’s so much more. The athlete, podcast host, and now the successful author is using her platform to teach others how to “live a life of purpose, on purpose.”
-Tunde Oyeneyin

Latoya Shauntay Snell @iamlshauntay @runningfatchef @rfcpod
Latoya Shauntay Snell founded Running Fat Chef, a food and fitness blog where she gets transparent about being a queer, Black, plus-sized athlete with several chronic conditions. “Being your own cheerleader will inspire others to follow in your footsteps and will forever light the torch to push others to move without fear.”
- Latoya Shauntay Snell

Lala Milan @lalamilan @fitgirlbod
Lala Milan created FitGirlBod after openly expressing the love/hate relationship she has with her body and how her lack of confidence stemmed from her thin frame and the criticism she received her entire life. “This is a safe place for all sizes to simply feel comfortable. Whatever is your ideal Fit Girl Bod, allow us to help you make it happen!”
-Lala Milan

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