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Black Countries To Visit in 2020

Add adventure to your new year! There are many awesome black countries to visit in 2019. It may be time to step out of your comfort zone and do some major exploring. There are vacations and then there are life changing cultural experiences that help to give depth to our personal journeys. These amazing opportunities may give us pause and perspective. This may be especially true, and more meaningful for you, when you take time to visit black countries.

Planning Is Key

Before you set out to these far away places, you should do a bit of research to learn as much as you can about the black countries that you plan to visit. Delve deep into their histories, the things that are intrinsic to their lives and culture, and try not to leave every aspect of your trip to chance. Discovering things off the beaten path is fine. But, you may not want your whole trip to be happenchance. Without a little planning, you are sure to miss something phenomenal.

You’re probably amped up and ready to hop on airplane to adventure! Lucky for you, we have done a bit of the research and here are a couple of black countries to visit in 2019 that are sure to provide you with a trip that you won’t soon forget:

Trinidad and Tobago

Near Venezuela, this “dual island” is home to gorgeous brown people, gloriously beautiful landscapes, and lots of exotic birds. There is plenty of “eye candy” on this island! Whether you want to really get into their history or whether you would like to get closer to nature, you will find places that will pique your interest and satisfy your curiosity.

Of course, there are galleries and museums that feature afro-caribbean works of art. But, don’t be surprised if you find yourself dancing through the streets. The people of Trinidad and Tobago are known for their street parties, or carnivals! The sounds of their calypso music is carried throughout the islands for visitors and countrymen alike to enjoy.


Yeah, Mon, Jamaica is one of the most popular and inviting black countries to visit. Besides being the birthplace of reggae music, Jamaica is known for its delicious food and magnificent beaches. The Jamaican culture has been widely publicized around the world. But, there is more to this beautiful place than curry chicken.

Jamaica is also home to spectacular mountains and waterfalls. Any wanderlust would relish the chance to trek through the rainforests or to take a cruise out on the pristine waters. Relaxation and fabulous resorts await you here. But, if you would like to do some history sleuthing, there are tons of opportunities, as Jamaica has roots in slavery and the cultural dynamics of this island are quite fascinating. You could always do some “jammin” over in Kingston at the Bob Marley museum. Now, that’s definitely worth a trip!



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