Beauty Secrets from the Motherland

beauty secrets

You know how the saying goes. Black don’t crack. There’s something about that melanin that keeps black women looking flawless as we age. We’ll let genetics take the credit for the most part, but we can’t forget the beauty secrets that ancestors were practicing in the motherland. We’ve forgotten many, but there are still those that are used today that we need to know about. If you’re planning to spruce up your spring beauty routines these African beauty secrets might help!

Moroccan Skin Care

Morocco is part of North Africa and in the beauty world, has become known for its liquid gold aka argan oil. It seems like every other shampoo and conditioner is full of Moroccan argan oil these days but, that’s not the only beauty secret that Morocco holds. When it comes to skin care, there are a number of rituals that are used to exfoliate and moisturize the skin. A steam bath (also called a hammam ritual) uses a Moroccan black soap, called beldi, made of olive oil that just might be better than any soap you’ll ever use. You can use the beldi soap as a daily facial wash, body wash, or exfoliator. It’s best used with a Kessa glove to gently cleanse and exfoliate the skin.

South African Beauty Herbs

All the natural beauty lovers can tell you that herbs are the skin’s best kept secret. And South Africa is home to a few that you probably haven’t heard about on the popular beauty blogs or inside you’re favorite beauty stores. Rooibos is a red hued herb that is used by tribal women in South Africa for their skin. This herb is packed with ingredients that help boost collagen, prevents wrinkles, and protect the skin. Everything our melanin needs to keep its youthful glow. Make a rooibos tea, steep, and apply to the skin. You’re welcome!

Ancient Egyptian Baths

When we talk about Egyptian beauty, of course we immediately think about Cleopatra. Her fierce winged-liner has been a recurring beauty trend for centuries. And while, we’ll always love the winged liner, golden skin, and dark eye makeup, there’s another beauty secret we owe to Cleopatra. The milk and honey bath. Cleopatra was the pioneer of this luxurious bath adorned with oils and flowers. Not only is this bath a perfect way to indulge but it also helps to keep the skin youthful and complexion bright. Self care Sunday anyone?


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