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The Only Beauty Products You Need this Winter

Beauty Products

When it comes to beating your face, what products are you using? You’re probably evening out your skin with foundation. Maybe brightening your face with concealer. Do you chisel your bone structure with contour products? Or add a flush to your skin with blush? There are an endless number of beauty products we can use on our face, but this winter, we’re cutting it down! Rather than applying 20+ products, check out the only beauty products you need this winter!


For those who are trying to slay their makeup, there’s one product that literally lies at the ‘foundation’ of it all, and it’s obviously your foundation! One might say your makeup routine isn’t the same without it, and that’s true! Foundation is what you’ll need this winter and all year round to even out your complexion. While many of us sweat during the warmer months like a cold glass of lemonade, the cold weather of winter gives us a break. Some might find their skin drier in the wintertime, so definitely opt for a dewy foundation! This will give your skin that ‘natural-looking’ glow that it might be lacking!


If you’re not skilled in makeup, one might think that concealer can only be used to conceal imperfections. While that may be true, it has another popular purpose. Concealer is often used to brighten the skin! The winter months might leave your skin looking dull and flat, but concealer can immediately help breathe life back into your face! Apply some underneath the eyes, in the middle of the forehead, down the bridge of the nose, and along your chin. Your skin will look fresh and alive!


One thing we’re definitely lacking in the winter months is sun-kissed skin. With the chilling temperatures, we’re not trying to spend our time outside baking in the sun. Just because we don’t have that natural bronzed look doesn’t mean we can’t achieve it. Another beauty item you’ll need this winter is bronzer! For a flawless application, apply it to the perimeters of the face along the forehead and jaw. Regardless of if you’re using a flat or shimmery bronzer, the added warmth will give you that post-vacation look.


Nothing screams winter and cold weather more than rosy cheeks. The natural flush is something we’re planning on achieving this winter, but for those of us who don’t get red, blush is the solution! All you need to do is apply a slight amount to the apples of the cheeks. Don’t go overboard! Rather than looking like a clown, we just need a light dusting to make the skin look fresh!

Lip Gloss

The chilling temperatures of winter tend to dry things out like our skin and our lips! While we still love our sexy matte lips, we’re trying to keep our lips hydrated this winter! Instead of going for a liquid lipstick, we’re trading it in for some lip gloss! Although you can keep it neutral with a clear color, but if you’re feeling bold, look out for those bold reds and burgundies.

This winter, we’re trying to make everything easy! While many of us love the process of applying makeup, it shouldn’t have to be excessively long. If you want to shorten your makeup routine, stick to these five products and your face will look fresh and supple well into the spring!

In the comments, let us know what’s on your list of beauty products this winter!

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