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Beauties of the Month - Mary C.

Beauties of the Month - Mary C.

I had my mammogram as usual in June of 2012. The results came back and everything was good. Later that year in early December, I casually ran my hand across my right breast and I felt a lump so the next morning, I scheduled an appointment with my doctor. On my visit, he said he wanted to schedule another mammogram and ultrasound. Two days later, the woman who was performing the mammogram told me she would be right back and came back with the Chief Radiologist. I didn't have just 1 lump, but I had another lump forming underneath the lump that I found. A biopsy was done immediately the next day. 

On December 21, 2012, I was diagnosed with estrogen + Breast Cancer. How? Why? There was no history of Breast Cancer in my family. I went home and told my husband the results and I finally cried! We made a decision not to tell our oldest son since he was entering the Navy in February 2013. On February 5, I drove my son to the recruiter's office, on February 6, I went to his swearing in and on February 7, I had surgery to remove my right breast. On April 7, my son graduated from basic training, and this was the day I told him I had Breast Cancer. I needed him to be focused on his next step in life. On April 10, I had my port put in and my first chemotherapy treatment. I found a brand new "me” through my journey as a Breast Cancer survivor. The things I would wait to do, I don't anymore because time waits for no one. I feel more spiritually stronger. I am a survivor.  HOPE anchors the soul. Hebrews 6:19

How has being a Brown Sugar Babe helped you through your journey?

It has helped me to see myself in a more positive being than how we are portrayed in the world.


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