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The Bad and Bougie Women of the 90’s

The Bad and Bougie Women of the 90’s

It seems like every other day something happens that confirms what we ALL know: the 90’s was the best decade ever. You can debate me later but pop culture doesn’t lie. From the TV shows that remind us of our favorite black sitcoms (Black-ish is the new Cosby…and did you hear there might be a spin off of Zoey in college? Come through A Different World) to the fashion AND beauty trends—hello brown lipstick and monochrome looks. Over and over again, the world pays homage to the decade to remember. But today we want to talk about the original bad and bougie women of the 90’s. And yes, I spelled it bougie because we know that’s how it’s really spelled *no shade*. Before Migos and one of the most popular songs of 2017 came out, there were the girls that exemplified exactly what bad and bougie is.

Bad and Bougie

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Whitley Gilbert – A Different World

You know we had to start our list with the iconic Whitley Gilbert! A little fun fact, Whitley was only supposed to appear on one episode of A Different World but her charm was too hard to resist and well…the rest is history. While the rest of the team at Hillman were living their best college lives—broke college students unite!—Whitley was sashaying around in the FINEST outfits, bright blouses, pencil skirts, and can we talk about the blazers honey! And she made sure her accessories were ON POINT at all times. Whitley spent her summers “interning in daddy’s chambers”. She was fly but entitled, sassy and almost a little rude. And while some of us had a love/hate relationship with her, she was the epitome of bad and bougie!

Bad and Bougie

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Hilary Banks – Fresh Prince

Nothing says bad and bougie like a spoiled, rich, daddy’s girl whose curls and outfits are always poppin. Hilary was a black girl snob and she didn’t have no shame in it She made sure her closet was full of the latest fashions and was part of the most popular social circles in Bel-Air. Not everyone was a fan of Hilary though and that’s fine. She was a gorgeous woman, with a lot of money, a snob attitude, and some airhead tendencies. Regardless of how you feel about her, you can’t deny the girl had style and if I had the coins…I would rock her whole closet TODAY.

Bad and Bougie

Regine Hunter – Living Single

Everyone’s favorite gossip girl! Living Single got it so right with this one. A group of black girlfriends living in Brooklyn? You know there’s bound to be one bougie girl in the group. Regine was the fashionista, all about her image, and let’s not forget the main bougie requirement, a little spoiled. Always on the hunt for a rich husband to finance her lavish lifestyle dreams she was a go-getter herself too. Her job? A boutique buyer, of course. Not convinced Regine fits the bad and bougie requirement? Well, nothing says bougie quite like changing your name from Regina to Regine. Yup, she’s officially in.

Honorable Mentions: Lisa Turtle – Saved By the Bell, Toni Childs – Girlfriends, Lisa Landry – Sister, Sister


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