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The Art of Getting What You Want

Thinking like a queen is one thing, but receiving the royal treatment is a whole different thing altogether. Sisters all over the planet are working on themselves, getting their self-esteem in check, and leveling up. It’s a fantastic time for black women to feel more empowered to be exactly who they want to be! That being said, now that you are going for yours, how do you get others to recognize the “glow” so that you can get what you want?

Just for the record, it’s not selfish to want to have your way from time to time. That’s just natural. But, there is an art as to how you go about getting what you want, when you want it. Yes, it does require a little bit of that black girl magic. But, no worries…It’s in you, Sis! You’ve just got to get the goods on how to bring that thing out. 

If you struggle with making your wishes/needs known, you will appreciate this guide to the art of getting what you want. Take notes and slay, Lady!

When They Resist, You Persist

You don’t have to take “no” for an answer. Sometimes, people say “no” before they have had an opportunity to really consider what you are asking. When someone says “no”, do your best to find out why they are resistant to what you are asking. Take time to explain further…and ask again! Be respectful but persistent. It could pay off big time!

Let Your Exceptional Performance Work For You

When it comes to requesting time off or even trying to progress in your career, the employee who gets the praise will likely get the raise. Strive to be better than average, and then, expect to be able to command more from those around you. They gonna see you, Boo!

Make Your Request A Win-Win Type of Deal

Often, people think of requests and proposals as another person’s way of getting “something” from them. It’s totally normal for people to put up a defense or to object prematurely. Instead of making your request seem totally one-sided, consider how it could benefit the other party, either at that time or in the future. When you position things with a possible win or “advantage”, others feel more inclined to take you up on the offer. 

Ask With Confidence and Expect To Get What You Want

Many times, women will be timid with trying to get their needs (and wants) met. Everyone knows that women are conditioned to do more and expect less. Well, that stops right now! That’s played out and we can’t go for that anymore…no can do.

Go for what you want with confidence, believing that you WILL get it! Approach things with positivity, resilience, and set your expectations high. Command respect and get what you want, unapologetically, by making sure that people see you with your head up, and living your best life. Know, without a doubt, that you deserve every good thing that comes your way!



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