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90s Trends We’re Still Wearing

While most might be a bit biased, the 90s might go down as the best decade of all time. With this decade came influential celebrities, game-changing music, and televised and cinematic masterpieces. These all played a hand at making the 90s a great decade, but who could forget the dynamic fashion?

Stars like TLC, Aaliyah, and Mariah Carey led the scene by always showing out in the decade’s hottest trends. The 90s have been over for 16 years, and while the stars have fluttered in and out of the spotlight, the styles have made their way back into fashion. Here’s a look at the 90s fashion trends we’re still wearing in 2016.



Overalls are one trend we can still get behind. While they were quickly thrown away at the turn of the century, they’re slowly but surely making their way back into our closets.

In “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,” Will Smith wore some of the most iconic looks ranging from overalls to neon windbreakers to crop tops. Master Will definitely mastered the cool and effortless look by undoing one strap of his overalls.

TLC led the way through music, but they were also making waves in the fashion world. Probably known to rock every 90s trend, T-Boz, Left Eye, and Chilli could constantly be seen rocking overalls but of the baggier persuasion.



If you thought bandanas were a thing of the past, think again. Stars like Tupac made wearing bandanas the cool thing to do, and although he’s gone, his music and this trend will live to surpass him. While J.Lo wore a white bandana tied in the back to the MTV Awards, Tupac’s style of tying in the front is the more favored.

Whether we’re letting our hair loose or keeping it up out of our faces, tying your bandana in the front à la Tupac or Rosie the Riveter is the resurrected 90s trend.


tommy hi\\

Nobody wore Tommy Hilfiger than the beautiful Aaliyah. The red, white, and blue styles of the brand followed her everywhere through the 90s and for good reason. Their pieces were perfect with the current fashion featuring overalls, bandeaus, and baggy pants. In the same way that people in 2016 broadcast their Calvin Klein boxers, celebrities like Aaliyah and Destiny’s Child did the same, except with Tommy Hilfiger peaking through.

While today’s celebrities like ASAP Rocky are still bringing back the classic Tommy Hilfiger logo, you might see yourself trading in the classic colors for more variety. With their Spring 2016 collection being a celebration of island life, you might’ve caught his rainbow stripe bikini and mesh dress on Rihanna in her “Work” music video.



The one trend that blew up and paved the way during the 90s was the crop top. Another trend that TLC was at the front of, they were joined by other celebrities like Mariah Carey and Nia Long. Perfectly matched, this is also around the same time that high waisted pants became a major trend.

Possibly as one of the biggest 90s trend to make its way back from extinction, it’s only right to have at least one in your closet.

We’re constantly recycling things from the 90s from samples of the music, reunions of the classic shows, or even sequels to our favorite movies. Whether it’s here to stay or fizzles out towards the end of the year, 90s fashion is currently the hottest trend and we’re making sure our closets are stocked with these styles.

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