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’90s Beauty Trends Inspired by Tatyana Ali

Many have said that the ‘90s was the best decade, and while we’re sure some of these opinions are biased, it’s hard to refute them as we watch the ‘new’ trends! ‘90s fashion has long since made its comeback. We’ve seen an abundance of high waist pants, chokers, and crop tops, but what about ‘90s beauty trends? While some of them are still buried underground, others are making their way onto our Instagram feed. When it comes to beauty trends, what more do you need than hair and makeup? Let’s check out some of the best ‘90s beauty trends inspired by none other than the beautiful Tatyana Ali!

Wispy Bangs

90's Beauty: Wispy Bangs

One popular ‘90s trend that Tatyana Ali definitely mastered was the wispy bang. Multiple times in photoshoots and in her starring role as Ashley Banks on “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,” she could be seen with bangs along her forehead. This style was often paired with voluminous curls and differed from the sleek, straight bangs that became more popular in the 2000s.

Fun Buns

90s beauty: Fun Buns

If you’re having fun, why shouldn’t your hair?! One hair trend that’s making a return is fun buns. This is when your hair is parted down the middle, and two buns are placed on each side of the head. Fun buns are a cute way to wear your hair up and perfect for hot summer days.

Dark Lipstick

90s Beauty: Dark Lipstick


The ‘90s were definitely a grungy period, and with the years came darker lipstick. While in the 21st century, we’re used to light nudes and brighter pinks, oranges, and even purples, the ‘90s were definitely a darker time for beauty. Always perfect for something like the fall season, deeper reds, browns, and dark nudes were the hot lipstick trend of the ‘90s.

Minimal Makeup

90s Beauty: Minimal Makeup

With someone as beautiful as Tatyana Ali, she definitely didn’t need the makeup she wore, but the way she wore it was definitely a hot ‘90s trend. Today’s beauty stores are filled with foundations, concealers, blushes, bronzers, highlighters, and more. The beauty trend of the ‘90s was definitely minimalistic. Most of it was focused on making the skin look flawless and making sure the face pops with a dark lip.

As the colder weather comes around a few corners, you’ll probably start to see more ‘90s beauty trends pop up on your news feed or timeline! If you’re looking to create a true ‘90s beauty look, don’t only think of the fashion and forget about the beauty!

In the comments, let us know what ‘90s beauty trends you’d rock to create the perfect look!

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