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6 Youtube Naturalistas We Are Loving

We have come a long way from looking to our moms, closest friends, or even our hair stylists for hair advice. With technology came social media, where we now no longer have to go through lengths to see how other women do their hair. We can use Google. Youtube is one the best avenues for this because we can find black women with various hair textures and techniques to help us out with our hair questions. Its easier to learn an example online we can relate to. Some of these girls have been around the internet for years but because the natural hair movement is in full swing, they are among young influential voices promoting good natural hair care.

Here are some Youtube naturalistas we are absolutely loving right now and think you should too:

1. Naptural85

Youtube Naturalista: Naptural85

Whitney White is one of Youtube’s natural guru veterans because she comes with an encyclopedic wealth of knowledge about natural hair. She has sufficient amount of skill when it comes to creating DIY,  homemade natural products. Her channel includes fun hairstyles, including protective styling, hair solutions, and no heat styling . She is also known for creating a 25 min wash routine for those who are tired of having long wash days! White’s channel is the go-to when it comes to your natural hair needs

2. NaturalMe4C

Youtube Naturalista: Naturalme4c

Just by her radiant smile alone you should be following Kriss’ channel. When I first watched her videos, I was immediately taken in by her warm energy. While she might not be doing a journey to long hair, her channel is purposely used to share her tricks to how she achieves healthy hair. She also gives fashion, health, and skincare care tips. Sometimes Kriss makes it a family affair as her husband and kids sometimes make appearances. Definitely a fun channel to look into to.

3. NappyFu TV

Youtube Naturalista: NappyFuTv

There aren’t too many Youtube channels dedicated to 4C beauties. Thank God for NappyFu TV! Her channel is for those who are transitioning, already natural, and everyone in between. She covers hair maintenance, hair styles, and product reviews. You don’t have to be 4C haired to watch, however. She caters to all Type 4 hair lovelies. Not only does this woman know her stuff, she is hilariously goofy. So go to her channel and show her some love!

4. Journey To Waist Length

Youtube Naturalista: Journey to Waist Length

Journey To Waist Length is another great channel to use as a resource for your natural hair tutorials, beauty, and fashion needs. What makes this channel especially unique is that she covers low porosity hair. She mostly uploads videos that feature products and hair regimens that are low porosity friendly. So if you are one of those gals with that hair density, this is perfect for you!

5. Mini Marley

Youtube Naturalista: Mini Marley

Mini Marley is a naturalista that many girls love. She has creative hair tutorials and regimens for naturals, including for gals with color treated hair. Hair aside, Marley shares very cute makeup looks, fashion hauls and travel vlogs. A channel that is hard to not subscribe to.

6. SunKiss Alba

Youtube Naturalista: Sunkissalba

Alba is a bi-lingual beauty whose channel is dedicated to having an organic, non-toxic lifestyle. Part of her channel includes videos that show how she gets long healthy hair by using natural based products and by having a healthy lifestyle. From time to time, she vlogs and gives makeup and beauty tips. So if you are looking for a change in both diet and hair regimen, SunKissAlba is another lovely channel to be inspired by.

Happy viewing!

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