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5 Ways to Uplift Your Space – And Your Spirit

When it comes to our homes and living spaces, the situation can get stuffy very quickly. Whether your space is small or you’ve been there for a few years, you might need a change to uplift your space which in turn can help you uplift your life! If you’re unexcited about your living space, this can carry on into other aspects of your life. Your home should be a place of serenity and reprieve, so if you need a few tips to brighten up your home, check out our ideas!

Use Mirrors

Upgrade Your Space

photo via Decoist

If you’re trying to “ball on a budget,” one of the biggest problems is searching for a home within your price range. A small living space can have you feeling crowded and uncomfortable in your own home, but there’s a small trick that can help you out: Invest in a few mirrors! Depending on their size and location, you can use a mirror to help widen your living space which will make it appear bigger and more comfortable. Large mirrors will do the trick better than smaller ones. By hanging a large mirror on a wall, you’re creating the illusion that the room expands further into the space thereby making the room appear larger than it is.

With Bright Colors

Upgrade Your Space

photo via Rhyva

While dark colors might be a trend for the fall, if you’re trying to uplift your space, you want to go with the exact opposite. Dark blues, grays, reds, and purples might be a trend for making your room more cozy, but if you want a brighter vibe, opt for brighter colors! While white furniture is an easy faux pas, you can definitely compensate with white or bright colored walls. For your couches, go with light grays and decorate them with accent colored pillows. White will always brighten the room, but a small pop of color will bring life into the area.

Hang Quotes

Upgrade Your Space

At times, we need our space to uplift our lives! While setting the atmosphere is a big part of it, uplifting your lives will also give you the ability to enjoy your space even more! Gabrielle Union in “Being Mary Jane” didn’t hang up Post-It notes of quotes for no reason! Sometimes we need a daily reminder. Hanging simple quotes about doing what you love or persevering through the struggles is just what you need to uplift your home and your mood.

Change Your Sheets

Upgrade Your Space

photo via Prude the Book

There’s almost nothing better than sliding into brand new sheets. A quick and easy way to uplift your space is by buying a new bed set! New or freshly laundered sheets give us all the feeling of starting over fresh, and this might be what you need to uplift your spirits in your bedroom.

 Use Flora

Upgrade Your Space

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Many people go hiking or exercise outside because something about being in nature helps to brighten our spirits and our mindset. While living outside might not seem like the most plausible thing, you can bring the nature to you! Setting up a few plant and floral pieces in your home can quickly brighten it and put you at ease! No one is telling you to bring a tree and plant it in the middle of your living room! Adding a few accent pieces like a plant in the living room and flowers in the dining room can quickly transform your space and your mood.

Your home is probably where you spend most of your time, so you should definitely feel happy and comfortable with the space! These tips will definitely help you transform your room, dorm, apartment, or house into an area you can be happy with.

In the comments, let us know what kind of tips you have to brightening up your living space!

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