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5 Ways To Upcycle Your Summer Decor For The Fall

Soon, we’ll be saying “Farewell” to the long, lazy days of summer and all of our bright summer decor. We have to do what we can to keep our homes and personal spaces looking and feeling fresh. But, if you are like most, you want to make the seasonal transition from summer decor to your autumn look without breaking the bank. Remember, the holiday season can quickly sneak up on you, so you might want to keep some cash at your disposal. 

As the seasons shift from the hotter weather to the cool crispness of fall, nature will have its way, and before we know it, many states will be engulfed in the fiery and earthy hues of autumn. Leaves will turn. Branches will darken. Fall flowers will make their debut. Visually, it is an amazing time, and that cutesy summer decor will seem totally out of place. But, Honey, instead of getting rid of it, you can upcycle some of it for the fall. Yes, you heard us right. You can get double duty out of that summer decor and potentially save a few bucks in the process. 

Here are 5 ways to upcycle your Summer decor for the Fall:

Repurpose Those Banners

People love having those banners that have individual letters on them like, “Welcome S-U-M-M-E-R”. It has become a quintessential summer decor item. Well, you can flip that banner over and change the season’s lettering to “AUTUMN”, which coincidentally also has 6 letters. So, just paint the other side with a fall color palette, and you’ve got a great sign to usher in the new season. 

Bring The Outdoor Summer Decor Lights Inside

You may have hung lights out in your backyard for summertime gathering. Well, bring those lights inside where they can still be enjoyed. Hanging those twinkling lights along a mantle or in a room that could use a little sparkle can totally transform the inside of your home. We often will gather items when decorating for fall. The outdoor lights will draw attention to these interior decorations and really make them shine. 

Save All Of Your Fresh Flowers

Whether you have a garden full of roses and hydrangeas, or maybe you brought or received a few floral arrangements this summer, you can get more out of them than you probably expected. You can dry out the flowers from your summer decor to create a bountiful array of dried flowers for your fall look. Simply hang the flowers upside down to dry them out. They will darken. Many will look almost golden in color. They are absolutely gorgeous when they are dried out and rebundled for the fall. Consider putting them in flower pots with autumn-inspired ribbons or creating bouquets for hanging around doors or on walls. 

Hey, Hold On To Those Summer Decor Silk and Cotton Flowers

You might be surprised at how you can work those summer silk flowers. Sis, you ready for this? Well, silk flowers can be transformed from light and summery to more subdued autumn colors by redying them with permanent or fabric markers. Some cotton flowers can even be bleached. That’s like a whole new set of flowers to work with! 

Fill Those Pots and Pails Up

Summer decor pots and beachy pails can be upcycled into more fall-ish decorations. Spray paint the pots in the colors of the new season, or decoupage them with fall images or sayings. Then, instead of filling them with basic flowers, fill them with glittery foam pumpkins, elegant faux gourds, or some sparkly hay. 

Even Summer Decor Glasses Get A Fall Treatment

Everybody and their momma has some clear glass vases around the house. They come with the flowers that you get for Mother’s Day or people just pick them up at thrift stores and yard sales. We know that y’all have at least one! Take those summer decor glass vases, and even just tall drinking glasses, up a notch by wrapping them in gold or copper-colored tape. Go for a striped pattern or consider using the brilliant, metallic colored paints to create a unique, yet classy look. Girl, your glasses will be absolutely fabulous. 



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