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5 Ways To Make Your Home Brand New

5 Ways To Make Your Home Brand New

Written By: Alexandria Daniels

Changing Your Home Decor

One of the simplest ways to make your home look brand new again is by changing your pillowcases. Switch them up by getting new ones that will express the personality of your home. Try bold color covers to make your living room or bedroom standout.

Experiment with illustrations or inspirational quotes that will make you and your guests feel happy. Give your home a major facelift with a wall tapestry. These lightweight, intricate pieces add a more bohemian flair to your home. Find one that fits your style, whether it be a simplistic nature scene or a geometric design.

Consider adding one or two plants into your space. If you don’t have a lot of space, you can try smaller plants like succulents. They make great indoor plants. Their unique cool toned colors can make any room look zen. Cacti, plant lilies, and weeping figs are great options as well. House plants, no matter how small, give more color to your space.

Changing the Atmosphere 

Invite positive energy into your space by burning incense. It’s an amazing alternative to using sage. It not only helps make your place smell wonderful but it also rids the home of negative energy. It will feel as if you just moved in.

Scents like vanilla and lavender are ideal. Use incense consistently and your home will feel brand new again. Essential oils are wonderful for the mind, body, and soul. Consider investing in a good essential oil diffuser. It will purify your home’s air quality by infusing the fresh scent of whatever oil of your choice. Try minty scents like eucalyptus or zesty smells like lemongrass. Both are ideal for healing the body of aches, relieving stress, and improving your mood. Adding an essential oil diffuser to your home will help you feel better about your overall space.

Having a home is one thing. Making your home feel like one is another. You can achieve that by just a few alterations. By implementing these tips, your home will not only look new but will feel like more of a sanctuary.


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