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5 Ways to Style a Graphic Tee Before Summer is Over

One of my favorite items to wear at any time of the year–but especially the summer–are graphic tees. They are super versatile, allow me to express myself, and did I mention comfortable? Because who has the time to be hot and uncomfortable during the summer? Not me. I decided to share some of my favorite ways to style a graphic tee to give you some fashion inspo before summer is over for good. Here are 5 simple ways to get the most of your shameless  tee collection

1. Dress it Up

Style a Graphic Tee

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And I mean all the way up. I had to start here because I needed to make the point that graphic tees are versatile sis. Pairing a graphic tee with a flashy pencil skire and a pair of cute heels is the perfect way to take your favorite tee and make it a fashion statement. You can go all out with this style adding your favorite accessories and a cute bag to finish the look!

Check out our favorite tee for dressing up! 

2. Casual Chic

Style a Graphic Tee

To take it down a notch, if you like the idea of pairing your graphic tee with a skirt opt for a denim skirt and pair with a pair of cute sneakers. I love rocking a backpack purse with this kind of outfit. Perfect for a summer day out and easy to dress up.

Grab the tee! Out Here Being Cute

3. With Cutoffs and a Kimono

Style a Graphic Tee

photo via Keke Cameron

If we’re talking fashion, a match made in heaven would have to be with cutoffs shorts—you know the kind—and a kimono for extra flair. And I’m the kind of girl who’d finish up this look with a pair of lace up or gladiator sandals because why not?

We love an icon tee for this one to spice it up!

4. Simple and Comfortable

Style a graphic tee

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The best thing about a graphic tee is honestly how easy it is to wear them. And so you if you aren’t busy dressing them up you should be taking advantage of their simplicity. Rocking a tee with some mid-length denim shorts and slides is an effortless summer outfit that looks good and feels better.

We love this simple tee for comfy casual vibes. 

5. Workout Ready

Style a Graphic Tee

You know those people at the gym who arrive in their perfect gym outfits? I’m never one of those people. Working out is probably one of my least favorite activities but since I know it’s essential, I like to do things on my terms. One way you’ll find me rocking my favorite graphic tee is paired with some leggings and running sneakers. This is the time when I’m wearing something inspirational to keep me motivated!

Grab the tee AND the leggings! Issa win!

How are you styling your graphic tees? Let us know!

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