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5 Ways To Help You Get Out Of Your Own Way

I’m pretty sure most of us want to be successful in life. However, success doesn’t come easy because nothing in life ever does. When obstacles arrive, many of us will complain about how difficult our situation is. By then, we have wasted ample amount of time moaning about what went wrong instead of changing our perspective. Sure there are things we do not have any control over but there are tons of things we do have control. Based on our actions (or lack thereof), we can self-sabotage our progress. Are you tired of finding yourself not getting stuff done? Try a few of these tips to help you get out of that funk.

1.) Just go for it- Is there something you know you need to get done? Whether that is putting in that application for your dream job or starting a new routine, just start now! Putting things off would delay your success even further.

2.) Try to be consistent- Consistency plays a big role. Often times, our progress takes a few steps back because we did not keep up with it. The point of not getting in your own way is to always focus on moving forward using action and healthier emotions. Being consistent in our work forces us to do just that. A little tip to help you with consistency is to remind yourself why you are doing this task in the first place. 

3.) Don’t complain so much- In my personal opinion, our bad attitudes can get in our way from becoming successful. Nothing in life pans out exactly the way we want. Opportunities come and go. We are going to face challenges and it does feel disappointing. I’m not saying don’t be sad. Just don’t dwell in that depressive state for too long. Rather than looking at setbacks as “failures”, excessively moaning about what went wrong, or chugging out excuses on why we missed out on an opportunity, try seeing the lessons from those experiences. Having a positive outlook will propel you forward on your journey.

4.) Show gratitude- Being grateful for what you have right now opens you up to more opportunities in the future. Don’t just be grateful for the good things. Be grateful for the tough times because they give you chances for growth. Otherwise, you get more negativity in your life. You don’t need any more stress, do you? Didn’t think so! So feel like you are blessed because you are and be grateful for the blessings that are going to come.

5.) If you are feeling down or anxious at the moment, stop and take a break- Learning to be mindful of how you are feeling in the moment will help you immensely. It is hard to get things done when you are worried, scared, or feeling pessimistic about the pending outcome. If that is the case, try practicing meditation to help you clear your mind of those negative emotions. That way you can go back to your task feeling more refreshed and upbeat!

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