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5 Tips For Summertime Hair Growth

The colder months may have had their way with your hair and brought your hair growth to a screeching halt. With a little effort, you can have summertime hair growth and get your hair back on track. While it is not an impossible fete, getting your hair to snap out of the winter funk will take time and patience. Girl, you can do this! But, it won’t happen overnight. So, be prepared to put some time in with this.

Some people already plan to do more with their hair during the warmer seasons. They wear it out more. Unlike the cold weather, which can force you to wear hats or hoods, with summer, many want their hair to be free and unrestricted. So, summertime hair growth becomes more relevant for them. They want their hair length to be “right” so that they can feel and look their absolute best.

Here are some tips for summertime hair growth so that you can get your hair on point:

Hydrate Your Hair and Your Body

Water! Your body needs plenty of water, and even more during the summer months. In order to achieve summertime hair growth, you have to be hydrated from the inside out. That means that drinking water is a must. That’s non-negotiable. But, you also have to use moisture rich products for your hair. Make sure that your hair has enough exposure to water. Depending on your hair style, you may need to even spritz your hair with water on a daily basis. Keep in mind, hair will not grow well when it is dry and brittle. So, keep it hydrated, Sis!

Get A Massage For Summertime Hair Growth

We had you at “massage” right?! We are not talking about a full body massage (though that is always awesome), but a scalp massage. Your hair will respond favorably to you taking time to get your scalp massaged. Massaging the scalp stimulates blood flow in the scalp. Those follicles love that! The result is greater summertime hair growth.

Minimize The Heat

Your hair will let you know when it’s not “happy”. Well, excessive heat can cause your hair to be even drier and to become damaged. Now, add on the fact that the sun is already hot and putting more warmth on your hair. That could all be a mess. For summertime hair growth, you need to leave the heat alone as much as possible. It’s counterproductive and it’s just not good for your hair.

Condition Like You Want Longer Hair

That heat does not play when it comes to your hair. You are going to need to keep your hair conditioned and sealed to keep it from getting frizzled during the summer months. Hair can fry when it’s hot, if you are not careful. So, condition DAILY by using a leave in conditioner or a daily moisturizing conditioner that will help protect your hair. Your summertime hair growth goals can get stifled if you don’t keep your hair supple. Conditioner is a BIG part of that process and an absolute necessity. For real!

Your Hairstyle Can Make Or Break Summertime Hair Growth

The way that you wear your hair will be a key component when it comes to summertime hair growth. You can have a great summer. But, you need to mind your hairstyles as well. Opting for looser styles that don’t require a lot, if any, heat, could prove beneficial for your hair. Pulling on your hair or trying to get it into certain constricted styles with a lot of friction will not work out well. Girl, it’s summertime! It’s time to sit back and unwind! So, let your hair be free and enjoy the summertime hair growth that shall come.


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