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5 Things You Need to Relax for National Relaxation Day

Sis, you need time for yourself. National Relaxation Day is August 15th, and we know that you want to make the most of this holiday. You may not have known about National Relaxation Day before, but, Honey, it’s here now. So, let’s make the best of it!

Women have so much to tackle in their daily lives. We get pulled in every possible direction. That’s why it’s so easy to forget yourself when you have to manage through the cares of life. Whether you’re dealing with a significant other, kids, or that “special” person who makes work super interesting for all of the wrong reasons, you may find that you’re getting a little frazzled….even when you’re trying not to let them get on your last nerve. Stress happens. But, when it does, remember the famous words of Whitley from “A Different World”:  Relax. Relate. Release. 

National Relaxation Day is just that, a day for decluttering your “stress-ocity” and giving yourself permission to unwind. While we must say, we all should practice self-care and not wait just for this one day to chill. But, since the Universe has seen fit to make National Relaxation Day official, we gon take full advantage!  

In fact, here are some things that you need to get your relaxing on for National Relaxation Day:

A Phone Free Zone

Turn it off. Put it away. Don’t even put that thing on vibrate. Designate and declare a “phone free zone” for yourself. We get so stressed by the calls, texts, and foolishness that we see online sometimes. On National Relaxation Day, let it go! Even if you only do it for a few hours, you will be surprised how relaxed you will be without jumping for every communication that comes your way.

Nap Like A Baby

Girl, get a nap in and feel that refreshed feeling. It’s amazing how sleep can rejuvenate your body and help you to get perspective on things, including time. Why in the world did we fight napping when we were kids? Well, live and learn. Make napping a part of your National Relaxation Day “celebration”.

Indulge In Comfort Foods

Backsliding from the healthy life might feel like a sin, but we think that it may be permissible on National Relaxation Day. Get your hands on some good home cooking or any food that makes you feel all warm and cozy inside. You’re not going to eat those comfort foods er’day.  So eat up and don’t feel like you have to make any excuses either. Nah, do you, Boo!

A Massage Is A Must on National Relaxation Day

Our bodies usually let us know when they need a little respite and tender loving care. Whether yours is hollering or not, you should be sure to get your body tended to and soothed. In case you didn’t know, getting a massage is the quintessential way to celebrate National Relaxation Day.

Take All The Time That You Need 

For some people, they may only need a few hours to decompress. For others, a whole day may be in order. So, on National Relaxation Day, take whatever amount of time that you feel will be beneficial to you. Whether you decide to spend it taking a yoga class or a long candle-lit bath, meditating, or even partaking in some “retail therapy”, remember, you set the rules for this holiday. Being in control of your time and doing what you feel is best to calm your mind is at the core of National Relaxation Day. We can see that this holiday is destined to become a real fave! 


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