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5 Natural Wedding Hairstyles

Hey Ladies! Since we are in the middle of June and heading towards the summer, you know wedding season is upon us. Getting married is such an important moment in a woman’s life. Every detail matters from the food, the flowers, the location, and, of course, the dress. What about hairstyles? If you are a natural, you might there are not many hairstyles for your big day. Well, think again! A black woman’s hair is so versatile, she will always have plenty of options on how to style her hair in time to say “I do” to her bae. In need of some wedding inspiration? Keep reading to see five natural wedding hairstyles that will take everyone’s breath away:

Braided Low Bun

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I love the braided low bun look. It’s a simplistic and elegant look that will take a groom’s breath away. Adding a jeweled hair clip, like pears or florals, enhances the overall beauty of this hairstyle.


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Faux-hawks are not just a casual style. They make wonderful looks for weddings too. Using floral hair clips to elongate the hawk and having side bangs

Braided Halo

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Updo braids always carry an element of class. No wonder they are a fantastic option for a blushing bride to wear. Braid the hair around the crown of the head to create a halo effect. You can put in pearl or diamond pins to help keep the hair steady and look extra stunning.

Textured Fro

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Are you going for a more bohemian vibe? Doing a simple fro look will work best. Just do a simple twist out or use extensions to create a more fuller look if you need some length. You can let your locks free or sleek the fro back by adding a floral crown like the photo to show off your free spirit when you say “I Do!”

Sweet Sisterlocks

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Just like afros, locks are a great option if you are looking to try something different. Sisterlocks have a very feminine quality to them because of how small the locks are. For a wedding, an updo sister locks with bangs will look cute on any woman who’s going for a more tender and softer style.

There are so many hairstyles black women can wear on their wedding day, especially if you wear your hair in its natural texture. Judging by this list, it’s may be very hard to decide. Whichever one you choose, make sure it defines you!


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