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5 Nail Trends To Try This Season

Other than watching out for fashion trends, I can’t help but keep an eye out for the newest nail trends. Like makeup, doing your nails are a form of unique self-expression. Whether you cover the whole nail with just one color or create a full design, your nails are an extension of you.

With this summer’s current trends, there will be more nail options worth exploring. This year’s trends are about looking simplistic and modern, as well as bold and vintage. There’s something for everyone to enjoy. Get your favorite nail polishes ready and check out these five nail trends you need to try this season:


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Tie-dye style is the major summer trend this year. Not only is it a fashion go-to style this season, but it’s also a hot nail trend. It’s a bold, retro style that will make you feel like a kid again. Pick your favorite shades and go crazy!

Pastel Colors

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The summer sun works well pastel colors. Sure! They are usually for spring but they light tones of pinks, blues, and purples light up the room.


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I like neutrals. They go with anything. Are you into peachy-pink nudes? How about cool toned browns? Whatever shade fits you best, show them off while you are wearing your hottest summer look.


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Two-toned nails are in this season! This trend looks modern compared to tie-dye, which is more vintage. You can play with two-toned nails in various ways. Create geometric designs or make a modern twist of the french tip manicure by using two of your favorite colors.


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Look no further than some bold, outrageous colors that will have your nails popping while you are out enjoying the nightlife. Neon greens, pinks, and orange are surely going to be all the rage this season. Create a neon duo-toned nail look, if you dare!

With this season’s batch of mix and match of vintage and modern looks, summer is going to be lit! There’s no doubt these nail trends are fun and that there’s a bit something for everybody. Also, be sure to check out Mad Nails over at our pop-up shop at this summer’s Essence Music Festival. We’ll see you there!


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