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5 Ideas For A Family Reunion

It’s family reunion time. Y’all already know that the food has to be banging, and you can probably pretty accurately imagine what some of your relatives will do…and wear when you all get together. As for the music, we all know that there are some classic standards. There hasn’t been a family reunion where Sister Sledge’s “We Are Family” wasn’t played at least once since the 70s! Truth be told, it ain’t a family reunion without it. Of course, the playlist will harbor a few more crowd favorites like “Before I Let Go”, the Frankie Beverly and Maze version. Though, we are kind of hyped to put the Beyonce version in the mix. In fact, it’s the combination of old and new that brings the family reunion together, and makes it magical across generations.

There aren’t many “rules” to having a family reunion. The most basic ones would simply be 1) Get family together in one place. 2) Have the time of your lives! But, we know that sometimes you might want to add some new and fun elements into your family reunion event. Well, we have plenty of ideas to share with you to help make your family reunion as amazing as possible!

Here are 7 ideas to try for the best family reunion that your relatives have ever attended:

Host A Hula Hoop Competition

Bring the old fashioned fun to the fam by having a hula hoop competition. Go for basic in the beginning with seeing who can hula hoop the longest. Take it up a notch by requiring that the participants pair up for each round. You might have a round where they have to pass the hula hoop to each other while twirling it around their arms or necks. Make the family reunion epic by adding music and making them dance while hula hooping during this competition! They’re gonna love this!

Have Plenty Of Outdoor Games Available

Everybody thinks that they are the GOAT when it comes to competitions. Have a little family fun with it by bringing out plenty of games for your family to indulge in at the family reunion. Try to find the large scale versions of games such as Connect 4 and Jinga that are designed for crowd watching. You could also set up gaming tables or sections for those who want to play in smaller groups.

Don’t Ban Cell Phones, Use Them For Fun!

Yes, folks get super distracted when they have their phones at events. It is inevitable that you will have some people there who just can’t help being on their phones. Don’t stress about that. Instead, create opportunities for them to use their phones at the family reunion during activities. Scavenger Hunts are really cool ways to use your cellphone while connecting with the other people participating in the family reunion.

Get the teenagers involved by having them become the family “paparazzi”, capturing moments (expect some meme-worthy pics to come out of this) to be used in a video or slideshow at the end of the family reunion. Have them create a family filter for SnapChat and hashtags.

Family Reunion Talent Show

Every family has talent. So, give your tribe a chance to shine! For this, you may want to tell your family, in advance, so that they can plan their acts. Get ready for a fabulously fun and entertaining time. Y’all know that somebody will be showboating, for real. Whether it’s Uncle’s dancing Teddy Pendergrass impersonation or Cousin’s step dance that take the stage, it’s sure to be lit!

Family Reunion History Program

Your family history is so important. If it is not shared, it can disappear forever. Gather a team to interview the older members of the family. Post the interviews on the family website or page throughout the event. Let everybody know when they have been posted and watch how everyone gets into it. You will all learn so much about each other and about your family. The elderly members of your family will appreciate the opportunity to speak and share their wisdom. Then, use the footage to create a longer family history project that everyone can enjoy back at their respective places.

You can also do a family history quiz game. Everyone may be surprised at what they learn about who! Try not to forget to include the young ones, their accomplishments and experiences. They are also a part of your family’s history.

Theme Nights

Incorporating theme nights into your family reunion could really set things off. Some suggestions would be an Africa Night, All White Affair, or 90s Revival. Whatever you choose, by having themed moments, it allows everyone to come together on one accord. Plus, it will be fodder for many memories to come.

Awards Ceremony

End your family reunion with an awards ceremony. Get creative with this and be sure that EVERYONE walks away with an award, which can be a little challenging. You may have awards like: Best Grillers, Top Chefs, Selfie Queens/Kings, Best Gamer. Whatever you choose to recognize, everyone will feel the special and the love. Ultimately, that is what a family reunion is all about.


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