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5 Hair Habits that Might be Causing Damage

Written By: Girl Tyler

It seems as though we’re busier these days now more than ever before. Even if you work from home, there’s simply not enough time to carry a full workload and maintain personal housekeeping. That being said, you’re probably skimping out on precious self-care time. How much TLC did you pour into your hair this week? Many of us are fully committed to wash days and religiously keep our manes maintained, but it’s the little habits in between that might be causing unexpected damaged.

1. Forgetting to Wrap Your Hair at Night

Headwraps and bonnets are great for preserving styles, but they’re extremely important for maintaining healthy roots. We all strike poses in our sleep, tossing and turning all throughout the night which can be distressing to your hair. (Pro tip: Grab satin pillowcases!) Doing this night after night without a shield causes tearing and matted hair that can be a monster to detangle. Tack on another 60 seconds to your day and make sure your hair is wrapped before you hit the bed.

2. Excessive Protective Styles

They’re fun and easy to maintain but what are you really protecting if the hair underneath isn’t getting a chance to breathe? Most protective styles are meant to be worn 2-4 weeks max and even then, it’s important to moisturize. (Pro tip: Mix water and a leave-in conditioner into a spray bottle then lightly hydrate your scalp.)

3. Skipping out on a trim

Split ends happen to the best of us. Hair experts recommend having your ends trimmed at least every 8-12 weeks. Neglecting to do so can lead to thinning and further damage down the road. In extreme cases, you’ll have to cut off more in the long run. (Pro tip: Do not use regular scissors. I repeat, do not use regular scissors. For a salon-quality trim, invest in a good pair of hair shears.)

4. Product build-up

Remember those protective styles that we know and love? Overapplying products will weigh down your hair, causing build-up, and blocking any chance to absorb the proper nutrients it needs to grow. Product buildup is not cute! Make sure you’re washing your hair on a regular cadence and taking the time to read the labels. The products you’re using may not be for your hair type or helping you to achieve your length goals.

5. Excessive Heat

This one is a no-brainer, but misbehaving hair can cause you to lean on heat styling tools as a crutch. Over time, you’ll notice brittle ends and an overall change to your hair texture and natural curl pattern. Reach for a heat protectant or build in time to finger detangle then air dry. (Pro tip: Hairstyling wet hair is a big no-no! Try a hair diffuser on a low setting, but don’t overdo it.)

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