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5 Braid Styles We're Rocking This Summer

Written By: Girl Tyler

Black women have worn various braid patterns since the beginning of time. It’s kinda our thing, you know? Braids are a year-round delight however they’re super prevalent during the summer months. Everyone is making up for lost time this summer and it’s never too early to start pulling together your braided looks.

Check out the styles we’re rocking June-September!

1. Low braided pony

Life is all about tough decisions: middle part or side part? Hmmm. Once you decide, pull it all back for a long braided pony. Go for an eye-catching length. Rapunzel had no limitations, why should you?

2. Micro braids

Feels like 2001 all over again. This time the possibilities are endless. Which microbraids will you choose? Go bohemian, multi-colored, side-swept, platinum blonde, in a bob, loose name it!

3. Cornrow knotless braids

Protective styling at its finest. Braid it straight back or make this classic look POP with a zig-zag design.

4. Braided updo

This low-maintenance style is a stunning look for bridesmaids, perfect for women with active lifestyles, and the get-up-and-go style when you’re pressed for time. (Add in hair jewelry for a bedazzled feel.)

5. Box braids

Box braids never went out of style! They were made for us. (Word to M-O-E-S-H-A! Shout out to the ‘90s teens!) Don’t get too BOXed in though. There are a gazillion ways to style box braids. (Pro tip: Crochet in a few curly pieces for a more goddess look!)

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