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5 Black Owned Wines You Should Try

As a woman of a certain age, there are certain things I’ve grown to appreciate in ways I didn’t fully grasp before. One of those things is wine. What I used to randomly pick up on my weekend trips to the store, is now a process. I like to take my time and find wines to pair with my moods, the vibe of an event, and of course my food. Now, I’m no wine snob by any means, give me a cheap Moscato or Rose and I promise you I won’t turn it down. But I do get excited when the topic of wine comes up in a conversation. So obviously, I’m more than prepared for National Wine Day this Friday. Oh you didn’t know? Yes, we have a day and I’m ready to celebrate. In honor of this national holiday, I’m sharing 5 black owned wines you should try. Enjoy!

  1. Aslina Wines Sauvignon Blanc – The perfect wine for the warm vibes of spring and summer. This light and citrusy wine is full of tropical characters and fruity notes that will match well with your rooftop dinner with the girls this weekend. Aslina Wines is the manifested dream of South African winemaker Ntisiki Biyela. She is the first black women winemaker in South Africa and has distributors in countries around the world, including the U.S.
  2. Duppy Conqueror Rose – I’ll forever be a fan of a good rose and if you’re with me, this one from Brown Napa Valley is definitely one to try. Another wine full of fruity notes including strawberries, orange, peach, and watermelon, you’ll want to drink this wine all summer long. Brown Napa Valley is the only black owned winery estate in Napa Valley.
  3. Vegan Vine Chardonnay – Remember I told you I wasn’t a wine snob? Well, case in point, when my girlfriend told me that not all wines were considered vegan, I was shocked. I won’t get into the details but, if you’re looking for a vegan wine from a black owned company, start here. This Chardonnay is made free of all animal products and pairs perfectly with your red pasta dishes and summer salads. The Vegan Vine is based in California and produces wines suitable for those living a vegan or plant-based lifestyle.
  4. 2013 Theopolis Vineyards Estate Grown Petite Sirah – With the onset of BBQ season upon us, you might be looking for the perfect wine to impress your friends and fam with. This flavorful Petite Sirah is just what you’ve been searching for. It’s a deep red with hints of chocolate notes that goes great with any grilled meats. Theopolis Vineyards is founded by the “Queen of the Vineyards” Theodora Lee also known as Theo-Patra. It is a small, hand-crafted winery based in Yorkville, CA.
  5. Popcorn Chardonnay – Sometimes, the best wines are the fun wines. If you’re looking for something easy to drink that you can grab on a budget, Popcorn Chardonnay is a great option. It’s a medium-bodied wine with notes of mango, pineapple, and papaya. Another great pick for summer. Popcorn Chardonnay is based in CA and inspired by the Caribbean.

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