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4 Ways to Use Your September Brown Sugar Box Items

Our September box was called the Melanin Love box, and for good reason. Everything in that box was for and about the melanin! Black queens have to keep theirs poppin’. The Melanin Love box had some awesome tools and tips for you to care for your skin. Girl, you have got exactly what you need for your skin to get its glow on. 

Even with the tools, sometimes it can be a little hard to figure out how to maximize what you have. But, the hope is always for you to get the most out of your Brown Sugar Box. To help you to enjoy it to the fullest, we have put together a little guide with four ways to use your September Brown Sugar Box Items.

Black Queens Postcards

Handwriting is quickly becoming a lost art. However, it seems that most people still appreciate getting a handwritten, personalized message from someone who cares about them. The Black Queens postcards are perfect for sharing warm thoughts and love to your sista-friends, family, or anybody. This postcard could definitely make the day of your favorite brown-skinned college student who’s at a predominantly white institution. Not only is it a way to spread kindness, a message of empowerment and affirmation;  but, it’s also a way to show appreciation for Black art. 

Melanin Magic Jade Beauty Roller

Your face will feel so relieved after even a few minutes of using this roller. It’s meant to make the skin firmer and silky soft and smooth. But, Sis, relaxation is really what this little item of amazingness seems to bring to life. After you do your daily hustle, you can come home to this piece of magic, and chill. If you think that you might need a few moments of serenity before you get home, keep this roller in your purse or car. Then, whip it out as needed. It feels SOOO AWESOME! 

Izzy and Liv Vegan Leather Watch 

Some of you all are moving away from using animal-based products, and that’s all good. Whether you are or not, the Izzy and Liv Vegan Leather Watch will definitely compliment your outfit. That fantastic fro and the beautiful brown woman that are featured in the artwork will make you mindful and even more appreciative of your own melanated beauty. But, Sis, do expect folks to keep eyeing your watch. They won’t be able to help it!

Whipped Soap Sugar Scrub and the Golden Glow Facial Mask

These two items are really at the heart of what the Melanin Love box is about. They are to be used to carefully care for your skin. Both items are perfect for a night of pampering. But, they can also be used independently. So, when you feel like your skin needs a little exfoliating to get back to its softest state, use the soap sugar scrub for a luxurious experience. For focusing on your face and getting it right, use the Golden Glow Facial Mask. Your face is going to feel fabulous. People will respect the glow, Sis.

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