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4 Ways to Rejuvenate Those Resolutions

Rejuvenate Resolutions

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Spring is a season of new beginnings and fresh starts. It’s also the perfect time to look back on those resolutions we promised ourselves we would stick to this year and um…evaluate the situation. Don’t worry, if you find that you’ve fell off the wagon, you’re not alone.When it comes to our resolutions, we start off the year strong and then lose our motivation quickly. Good news is, it’s the perfect time to get back on track and. Use these tips to help you!


When it comes to resolutions, one thing we do is set our sights way too high! Although it’s great to be ambitious, you must take note in whether your resolution was realistic or not. On January 1st, you might’ve decided that your resolution would be to go to the gym five times a week. While this might seem like an easy thing for a seasoned gym member, it might be harder for you! Balancing out your work and personal life might be hard when you’re going to the gym five times a week. If you haven’t made it to the gym at all, let alone five times, try a more realistic goal like once or twice. When you get into the swing of things, you can increase your workout regimen as needed. Baby steps ladies!


Many resolutions are hard to keep because the only one holding us accountable is ourselves. A great way to stick to your goals is to have others hold you accountable as well! Pick a couple resolutions that you’ve fell off with that are really important to you and tell your family and your closest friends about it. Ask them to check in with you and hold you accountable for your promises to yourself.


Many of us beat ourselves up when we fail part of our resolutions. Don’t do that! While we all strive for the perfect gym regimen or possibly following a better diet, none of us are perfect! There will be those days where you’d rather drink a glass of vinegar than go to the gym. There will be those days where you’re drooling for that bacon cheeseburger. It’s okay to fall off the wagon sometimes, but the best thing to do is continue from where you left off!


One thing about a job well done is that you should always treat yourself! When it comes to our resolutions, we’re usually deciding to change something major and usually the process goes a lot smoother when we know there’s a reward at the end of the road. A little gratification goes a long in motivating yourself to stay on track. If you’ve had a successful month, or even a really good week, treat yourself!

Resolutions are hard, but it’s all about finding the best way to stick to them. It’s time to brush ourselves off and get back in the game!

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