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Ways Every Woman Can Empower Herself

Okay, ladies. I think being a woman is wonderful but oh so difficult at times! Sure, being a human is never easy; however, women have immense pressure that men don’t face because of the patriarchal society we live in. We are often left to feel tired, small, and unrecognized. It’s important that we acknowledge ourselves and how we play in this game called “life.” Here are 4 ways every woman can empower herself in this world:

Saying Positive Affirmations

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It may sound cheesy to go the mirror and say “You are cool AF,” but in fact, speaking positive affirmations to yourself is a great way to empower yourself. We as women tend to feel bad about ourselves in this world. Too many negative thoughts can really dampen our success, drive, and the ability to live a full life. Affirmations are a tool to help create a more positive mindset. It’s a great step towards self-empowerment. Soon enough, you will feel like a new woman.

Learn From Past Experiences

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I’m the kind of person that believes that everything happens for a reason. Most of the bad things that happen in life are meant to teach us something about ourselves. These days with everyone being angry over something, it’s so easy to blame the other person. Even if that other person is totally in the wrong, we can get stuck in feelings of sadness, anger, and bitterness. Those feelings only hold us back. Instead say, “Okay, that sucked. What can I learn from it?” You will begin to find bits of wisdom, understanding, forgiveness and inner strength that will propel you to having a better future. While it may not be comfortable, doing this kind of inner work is better than letting the past keep you stuck.

Take Up Space

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Ladies! Please, don’t shy away from your glory. This goes back to the positive affirmations to shift your mindset. When you downplay yourself, you are sabotaging yourself. It’s very common for us women to look at ourselves and think “I can’t do this or that” when in their gut we know we have the skill set. This happens a lot in the workplace but this can be applied to romance as well. We see a cute guy and we may think “Oh he won’t like me!” If you find yourself in that rut, say to yourself, “Hey! Why not me?!” Rise up to the occasion and take your throne. Be confident so people can see you shine because you deserve to!

Inspire Others

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While you are working on yourself, it’s a good idea to share your experiences. This is not to gloat but rather a chance to show others how everyone can evolve too. Other women may be inspired by your vulnerability. You never know who may be watching you. Don’t forget to cheer other women on in their evolution as well. What can be more empowering than having a sisterhood where all of you are empowering each other? Now, that is beautiful!

Being a woman isn’t easy but it sure is powerful when you own your personal power as one. Hopefully, these tips will help build you up when you are feeling down. Remember, we need to look after ourselves as much as we need to look after those we care about. Empower yourself so you can help empower others.

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